Tuesday, July 9, 2013

My new passion: cooking

ahhh its been a while since i last logged into my blog :) lucky i still remember the password.

what i wanna share today is about my old new passion. that's cooking. and baking. or anything that's got to do with being in the kitchen :) see, cooking/baking calms me down. probably because i'm in charge of it haha. but i may not be good at it. but hey...practice makes perfect, no? ;)

here's some of the dishes that i made over the past 5 months. i am hoping to learn a lot more. and thank you to my ever loyal supporter/motivator for all your constructive critics. yes, you my dear hubby :D

previously, i am more comfortable cooking western dishes such as spaghetti, macaroni etc etc. simply because it uses simple ingredients. malay dishes are a lot more complicated with all the rempah ratus and whatnot. but i am slowly pushing myself to include malay dishes into my cooking list.

weekends are the only time that i can accommodate my passion. hopefully i can have more time on weekdays for my cooking :)

so girls (and boys), if you are into cooking...welcome to the club!

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