Sunday, January 6, 2013

The wean-off story

And so here is my wean-off story...

MQ turned 2yo on 20.12.2012. And I guess it was time for her to stop breastfeed. Although it was hard for me to get MQ to stop breastfeeding, I know I should have done something about it. Honestly, I wasn't totally ready for it. I'm afraid I might lose that special bond between MQ and I. You know, the moment where she would look into my eyes, and I can see her smiling while she's on me.

Most people that I talk to, they would suggest that I put something alien on my breast, so MQ would taste the difference and eventually will stop. Lipstick, salt, tamarind etc. But, the thought of my baby sucking on something that I myself won't do, that is just not right. I tried salt before. She bought it at first. Then, it just doesn't work anymore. She was just too smart to be out-smarted by me haha.

Then, my aunt told me something. She slow-talked with her daughter to wean her. I tried that method. It was hard, I don't lie about it. Every nite before MQ and I are off to bed, I would tell her this.

"Kakak, awak dah lebih dua tahun kan. Awak dah besar. Dah tak boleh susu badan Umi tau. Hari tu dah tiup lilin kat kek kan. Tu maknanya awak dah besar tau. Tak bole susu badan dah tau. Awak faham tak? Allah kan cakap, susu badan hanya untuk baby sampai umur 2 tahun je kan. Susu badan untuk baby macam baby Zahira je tau. Awak faham kan?"

Those sentences, I repeat every nite without fail to her. She cried her heart out initially. It really broke my heart. But I know I gotta be tough. So, every time she threw her tantrum, I would just talk to her and hug and kiss her. It went on for 2 weeks. And thankfully hubby was kind enough to support me by talking to MQ.

After 2 weeks, like a miracle, she stop requesting for her session. Alhamdulillah! But she would still look and touch my breast. I would then quickly ask her, breastfeed is for who? Baby, she would answer :)

So, now she is officially weaned off. Yeay! And no, I didn't lose that special bond. I noticed that, she is closer to me than before. She would kiss me more than before. She would hug me more than before. Ahh...I'm so blessed!

So, there you go. My tips on how to stop breastfeed your toddler. Slow-talk is the key. And in my case, the birth of MQ's cousin (baby Zahira) does help a lot. Everything was just in time for this moment :)

So, to all the mommies out there who plan to wean your toddler off, be strong ok!

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