Sunday, January 13, 2013

Our 20.12.2012 story - MQ birthday celebration

both hubby & I took a day off to spend time with MQ :) we took her and 2 of her cousins to Kidzsport & Gym, Empire Shopping Gallery. the boys enjoyed themselves so much. but the place I would say not that suitable for MQ. she's afraid of height. next time, will bring her to Paradigm Mall instead hehe. or will give IOI mall a try, perhaps.

In the evening, we spent the time with my in-laws, cake cutting ceremony for MQ haha.

to my dearest MQ, Umi prays that you will grow up to be as graceful as Umi, as rational as Abi. May you excel in here and thereafter. Be a great daughter to us, will you? Umi loves you more than anything.

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