Friday, January 18, 2013

18.01.08 - 5 years together

5ive years together...and we are still counting for many many more years to come :)
Alhamdulillah...we have our fair share of ups and downs. The first 2 years was especially the toughest one (for me at least). In and out of the hospital, til all the nurses knew who we were. The talks from surrounding people. At times, I felt like giving up. But you are always there to hold my hands and lead me. You are always there to knock some sense in me. You are always there to hug me and comfort me.

The decision to be together were made merely 5months after we first said hi to each other. It was crazy, to think it back. But that's how we both work together :)

Happy 5th Anniversary!!!

more photos can be viewed at my FB, if you are in my friend list :)

all photos credit to Kamalia Kamal, the founder of The Photolicious.

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