Wednesday, July 10, 2013

KRR Chicken Run 2013: the how and why...

I started the year 2013 with one specific resolution. to be able to run at least a marathon. come May, i realized i am far from achieving this specific resolution. and i know if i didn't sign up for any running event, i won't be able to push myself to achieve this. so i turned to my ever loyal motivator for a support. he (as always) did some magic and walla. there we were registering for the event. the Kenny Rogers Roasters Chicken Run. it is a charity event, in aid of The Little Flower Education Foundation.

I thot the run was a 4.8km run. so hubs and I, we both trained for a month with a distance of about 5.5km in average for each run. man, it was tiring. but surprisingly i enjoyed it. perhaps because i missed the old good days at SSP doing training with my girls. its like once you started your run, you can't stop. all you want is to go further and further til you can't take it anymore. the run, i could say is very addictive. and it also helps to reduce my stress :)

hubs was kind enough to go along with me. he went for the registration. he went to collect the goodie bags, which by the way worth more than RM100 each. it was very heavy, the goodie bag. tq sayang! he stayed in the long queue for the goodie bag. aahh i'm so blessed! :)
the queue to collect goodie bag

the goodie bag

what's inside the goodie bag
Come race day (that's 23rd of June 2013), we were at the entrance of Sunway Lagoon as early as 730AM. oh btw the run is co-organized by Sunway Lagoon. so each participant gets to enter all parks in Sunway Lagoon for free. well, not free actually. you have to pay RM63 to join the run.but it's all worth it.
the early crowd

cam-whoring before the run
We managed to complete the 6.8km in 60mins. not bad for a first timer like me, eyh? tho it was just a fun run, i enjoyed it much. and i could say...i'm no more a marathon virgin!! muahahaha. we spent the rest of our day relaxing at Sunway Lagoon, getting on the Vuvuzela thing (must try!) and the 5D ride.
us at the finish line
Some tips:-
  1. bring your own drink during the run. no pit stop provided by the organizer along the way. drinks will only be available at the finish line. that's like 6.8km away from your start line. i don't bring mine. boo-hoo!
  2. run at your own pace. do not try to emulate other contestants. 
  3. maintain your pace. it helps to get you go longer
  4. listen to music along the way. 6.8km is a loooong way man. i salute those who can run 20km or 40km event :)
That's all from me. i can now happily cross-off one of my 2013 resolution weehoo!!! :D
to run a marathon checked!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

My new passion: cooking

ahhh its been a while since i last logged into my blog :) lucky i still remember the password.

what i wanna share today is about my old new passion. that's cooking. and baking. or anything that's got to do with being in the kitchen :) see, cooking/baking calms me down. probably because i'm in charge of it haha. but i may not be good at it. but hey...practice makes perfect, no? ;)

here's some of the dishes that i made over the past 5 months. i am hoping to learn a lot more. and thank you to my ever loyal supporter/motivator for all your constructive critics. yes, you my dear hubby :D

previously, i am more comfortable cooking western dishes such as spaghetti, macaroni etc etc. simply because it uses simple ingredients. malay dishes are a lot more complicated with all the rempah ratus and whatnot. but i am slowly pushing myself to include malay dishes into my cooking list.

weekends are the only time that i can accommodate my passion. hopefully i can have more time on weekdays for my cooking :)

so girls (and boys), if you are into cooking...welcome to the club!

Friday, January 18, 2013

18.01.08 - 5 years together

5ive years together...and we are still counting for many many more years to come :)
Alhamdulillah...we have our fair share of ups and downs. The first 2 years was especially the toughest one (for me at least). In and out of the hospital, til all the nurses knew who we were. The talks from surrounding people. At times, I felt like giving up. But you are always there to hold my hands and lead me. You are always there to knock some sense in me. You are always there to hug me and comfort me.

The decision to be together were made merely 5months after we first said hi to each other. It was crazy, to think it back. But that's how we both work together :)

Happy 5th Anniversary!!!

more photos can be viewed at my FB, if you are in my friend list :)

all photos credit to Kamalia Kamal, the founder of The Photolicious.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Our 20.12.2012 story - MQ birthday celebration

both hubby & I took a day off to spend time with MQ :) we took her and 2 of her cousins to Kidzsport & Gym, Empire Shopping Gallery. the boys enjoyed themselves so much. but the place I would say not that suitable for MQ. she's afraid of height. next time, will bring her to Paradigm Mall instead hehe. or will give IOI mall a try, perhaps.

In the evening, we spent the time with my in-laws, cake cutting ceremony for MQ haha.

to my dearest MQ, Umi prays that you will grow up to be as graceful as Umi, as rational as Abi. May you excel in here and thereafter. Be a great daughter to us, will you? Umi loves you more than anything.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

The wean-off story

And so here is my wean-off story...

MQ turned 2yo on 20.12.2012. And I guess it was time for her to stop breastfeed. Although it was hard for me to get MQ to stop breastfeeding, I know I should have done something about it. Honestly, I wasn't totally ready for it. I'm afraid I might lose that special bond between MQ and I. You know, the moment where she would look into my eyes, and I can see her smiling while she's on me.

Most people that I talk to, they would suggest that I put something alien on my breast, so MQ would taste the difference and eventually will stop. Lipstick, salt, tamarind etc. But, the thought of my baby sucking on something that I myself won't do, that is just not right. I tried salt before. She bought it at first. Then, it just doesn't work anymore. She was just too smart to be out-smarted by me haha.

Then, my aunt told me something. She slow-talked with her daughter to wean her. I tried that method. It was hard, I don't lie about it. Every nite before MQ and I are off to bed, I would tell her this.

"Kakak, awak dah lebih dua tahun kan. Awak dah besar. Dah tak boleh susu badan Umi tau. Hari tu dah tiup lilin kat kek kan. Tu maknanya awak dah besar tau. Tak bole susu badan dah tau. Awak faham tak? Allah kan cakap, susu badan hanya untuk baby sampai umur 2 tahun je kan. Susu badan untuk baby macam baby Zahira je tau. Awak faham kan?"

Those sentences, I repeat every nite without fail to her. She cried her heart out initially. It really broke my heart. But I know I gotta be tough. So, every time she threw her tantrum, I would just talk to her and hug and kiss her. It went on for 2 weeks. And thankfully hubby was kind enough to support me by talking to MQ.

After 2 weeks, like a miracle, she stop requesting for her session. Alhamdulillah! But she would still look and touch my breast. I would then quickly ask her, breastfeed is for who? Baby, she would answer :)

So, now she is officially weaned off. Yeay! And no, I didn't lose that special bond. I noticed that, she is closer to me than before. She would kiss me more than before. She would hug me more than before. Ahh...I'm so blessed!

So, there you go. My tips on how to stop breastfeed your toddler. Slow-talk is the key. And in my case, the birth of MQ's cousin (baby Zahira) does help a lot. Everything was just in time for this moment :)

So, to all the mommies out there who plan to wean your toddler off, be strong ok!