Thursday, December 20, 2012

Our 20.12.2012 story

I can’t believe how time flies very fast. Today, my little munchkin turns 2 yo  It felt like just yesterday I was in pain for 24 hrs of labor, and there is still no sign of you coming out haha. So Umi resorted to c-sec as I barely had the energy to fight the pain J I hope one day if you are reading this, you will appreciate what Umi has gone through haha.

Truly, you are the greatest gift that Allah has send down to Umi and Abi. Hence, we named you Masha Qurnia J Atok and Opah I think were a bit frustrated at first. Because Umi dropped our family initial of Siti. Yeah, all our relatives on Opah side were name as Siti sth sth. But you were different. Simply because Umi wants you to be different hehe.

You have changed Umi in a great way. And I think Abi has too. You taught Umi how to be patient. You taught Umi to smile and laugh for no reason. You taught Umi to stay strong always. You taught Umi to let loose, to sing in weird voice, to dance whenever I felt like it J

You grew up too fast, kiddo. Just remember, you are the love of my life J I’ll do anything within my power to ensure you have the best of everything in shaa Allah.

20.12.2012…happy birthday sayang. Umi prays that you will be showered with great health and wealth, to be a solehah, to always respect other people.

Hugs and kisses from Umi & Abi. Lots of it. Muaaahhhss!!