Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Idiot's Guide to Soft & Smooth Skin

i'm the type of person who care less about smooth & soft face before. but now that i'm approaching the 3-series era, i have started to face problems with my skin, especially on the face area. it worries me like never before =) its weird tho because previously i'm not that fussy. but now, hubby has to listen to me nagging about my face almost everyday haha. pity him. since i have no skin care routine before, the word toner, moisturizer, scrubs, mask etc is an alien to me. seriously, do you put toner before or after moisturizer? heck, i don't even know my skin type. see, i am THAT clueless hahaha...

i did some research on how to obtain a softer and smoother face. but all the bombastic and beautilicious jargon of the beauty products added to my confusion *sigh* so here i am, writing down some useful tips so i can always refer to my blog after this hehe...

so, first thing first. how to know your skin types. you can opt for the easier way tho. walk into any facial counter or spa and ask the staff to do it for you =) or you can determine it your self. wash your face with facial soap. after 30-60mins see how your skin looks like.
1. oily skin - your face will begin to shine.
2. dry skin - your face will begin to feel tight and itchy. also if there are some redness in your  complexion
3. combination of oily and dry skin - your face will begin to shine in some areas especially in the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin), and tight in other areas.

this website provides guidance on this matter: Dermatocare

so, now i know that i have a combination of oily and dry skin, next step is to find out how to take care of it. of course, now i need to develop  a skin care routine for myself. below are some of the steps that will help.
1. know your skin type - done.
2. cleanse well - one simple tips is to find a cleanser that suits your skin well. once you've found it, stick to it and love it =) currently, i'm using the cream type. i think i'm gonna try the liquid form. just to experiment. who knows maybe the liquid suits me better, rite?
3. exfoliate - exfo what?? now this is something new to me. it is actually an important step in refreshing the skin as it scrubs away the dead skin cells that can cause pore clogging, dry skin and even acne. oh, scrub. that i know =) it is advised to exfoliate your skin once a week.
4. toner - you can opt to skip this step. but if you are currently having this step in your routine, go ahead and continue.
5. moisturize - no matter if your skin is oily, or dry or dull, you should always keep it moisturized. your skin will indicate how often you need to complete this step. if it feels tight/dry, it needs a drink. don't over-moisturize; it can lead to clogged pores.
6. apply sunscreen - i'm not sure if i really need this tho. most of the time, i will be inside as my nature of work doesn't requires me to be outside =)

the above notes are from:

i found out these tips from on 10 facials you can do at home very useful. i haven't give any of them a try tho. but i think i will soon =)

for oily skin: egg white, green clay or aspirin facial
for dry skin: avocado or banana facial
for dull skin: papaya, lemon juice and sea salt or oatmeal facial
for irritated or sunburned skin: yogurt or pumpkin facial

oh and this cool website Fat Free Kitchen shares some tips on how to obtain glowing & smooth skin by using stuff that we have at home. those who love DIY stuff would definitely benefits from it =) banana, milk, honey, tomato juice, lemon juice just to name a few.

if i do manage to obtain satisfaction from any of the tips above, i'll share it with you guys. meanwhile wish me luck in restoring my youthful skin! hehehe....

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