Saturday, November 10, 2012

Johor Trip Day 1: JPO, Ikan Bakar Tip Top & Danga Bay

pre-alert: post will be fully loaded with pictures =) not that many of them. but still many hehe...

Johor Bharu. a place that i can actually count on the frequency of me being there. somehow, when talking about traveling, JB never crossed my mind. until recently when all the interesting stuffs emerged there like mushrooms after the rain (chewahh!). we started our journey about 10:30AM in the morning from KL. it was a smooth journey. partly because we chose to avoid the school holiday period. wise choice ey? arrived at JB around 2PM. headed straight to JPO for some (window) shopping. yup, i'm not that into shopping. being there just to experience the JPO.

the setting of JPO is quite similar to those in Brisbane =) it reminds me a lot about our previous trip. choice of brands? hmm...just a typical premium outlet i guess? cotton on is there. but what's inside it is just the same as what the brand have at other shopping complex. price wise, also the same. nothing special. only managed to grab a sneakers for masha from Puma and a cute lil t-shirt from Poney. that's it. but again, because i'm not that into shopping, i don't enjoy much of what JPO has to offer. if you are a kind of person who is into shopping, and loves brands such as burberry, coach, guess, dkny etc etc etc...i'm sure you'll love it to bits.

the food court is quite ok. they have a selection of korean, chinese, malay food, yong tau foo, sizzlings, claypot. u know, the typical food court at any shopping complex in Malaysia =) the downside is, there are lots of flies flying around inside. according to one of the stuff, its because of the rainy season. and also, there are few poultry farms around the area.

late in the evening, we checked ourselves in at M-Suites Hotel. We booked the studio suite from the room is very spacious and comfortable, with dry kitchen and bath tub. love it. would consider another stay if i were to go to JB again. the pool, is amazing. it has a slide for the kids.

dinner time, we headed to Ikan Bakar Tip Top. for 5 pax, we spent about RM170 for the food. fruit juice was a bit over-pricey tho. taste wise, the food was ok. we did complaint about the juices. funny thing happened. the indonesian workers, while cleaning up tables besides ours, they were talking in javanese about how we complaint about the price of the juices, without realizing that hubby actually could understand them. there you go. 'cakap siang pandang-pandang' hahahaha...

after dinner, we headed to Danga Bay for the fun fair! a surprise to me, they actually have lots of rides to choose. its a pay per ride system. you can purchase the coupons in advance. its like a touch and go system. you reload for some amount of money. everytime you wanna get on a ride, they will deduct it from your coupons. masha as always, opted to be on the spinning cup. i made pakcu accompanied her haha. she was all steady, but her pakcu already head-spinning. keskeskes...

ok, enjoy the pictures. next up will be our Legoland experience.

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