Sunday, November 11, 2012

Johor Trip Day 2: Puteri Harbour Family Theme Park & dinner at Restoren ZZ Sup Tulang, Jln Petrie

i didn't know the Puteri Harbour Family Theme Park is now open or public. seriously, where is the promo? only get to know about it when we were frustrated with Legoland hehe. the park is situated at Puteri Harbour, not far from Legoland. if you are with toddlers, i suggest you give this place a visit. it has 2 parks,The Sanrio Hello Kitty Town on Level 1 and The Little Big Club on Level 2 and 3. we didn't get into the theme park, as we were only there at 5PM and the park closes at 6PM. but we managed to get something from the souvenir shop.

Map of Sanrio Hello Kitty Town @ Level 1

Map of The Little Big Club @ Level 2

Map of Thomas & Friends @ Level 3

at the souvenir shop, one would think that masha will opt for the Hello Kitty stuff. but no! she headed straight to the Bob the Builder section. aiyayaya! she insisted on getting the Bob plush toy huhuhu...masha oh masha!

our dinner was at Restoren ZZ Sup Tulang situated at Jln Petrie. they said the mee rebus sup tulang is to die for. but i only ordered mee sup so i can share it with masha. and that concluded our trip to JB. we headed back to KL early Sat morning as hubs had a class to attend in the afternoon.

i'll come back again JB. that's for sure. now for some pictures...

Johor Trip Day 2: Legoland

pre-alert: post will be fully loaded with pictures =) not that many of them. but still many hehe...

day 2 was spent almost entirely at Legoland. we started our journey from the hotel quite late actually. around 10:30AM. this is the trip that i was so looking forward actually. tickets were bought in advance via online. we received early bird discount, for purchases made 7-days in advance. if you purchase the ticket over the counter, be sure to show your MyKad for discount price.

my first impression about Legoland is wow! but then, here's the catch. if you plan to bring your toddler, who is below 3 years old or under 80cm, i would say please scrap the idea of visiting Legoland. go to another theme park instead, which i will tell all about it soon. why? because most of the rides requires you to be above 3yo to be accompanied by an adult or 6yo to ride alone. it does make sense tho. because the toy Lego are mostly for kids with 3+ ages and above, no? so masha end up getting onto an airplane ride, after much quarrel with the attendance because she barely reach the height limit. and we ended up at the Imagination area where she played at the playground and went on a train ride. and i only managed to get on one and only one ride from the entire rides available, the Project X. oh another tips. if you plan on getting on the extreme rides, do wait for the lunch time. the queue will be shorter by then. so stuff yourselves with as much food as you can early in the morning. by lunch time, you are full and ready to rumble, while other people flocking the restaurant for lunch =)

the miniature building is something to look for, i can tell. it was well built. they even have Gangnam style at the KLCC area haha. look down for the pictures =)

the weather. it was scorching hot. be sure to put on your sunblock. we expected some rains in the afternoon. but alhamdulillah, the moment we got off from the Project X ride, it rains heavily. and it was around 4PM. so we do get to enjoy hot sunny day at Legoland =)

i'll wait until 2014 before i give Legoland another visit. why? because the Legoland Hotel is opening soon in 2014. and i'm sure it is to die for! hehehe...

ok, now for the pictures. lots of them...



next up...will be the Puteri Harbour Theme Park and dinner at Jln Petrie.