Sunday, October 14, 2012

The day MQ was infected by bacterial tonsillitis

It was every moms dream to have a beautiful and healthy children, including me. So when MQ was diagnosed with bacterial tonsillitis, it kills me deep inside to see her suffered. Here I am sharing with all the mommies out there on her story.

MQ had a slight fever on Sunday night. I did what most mother would do. Supplied her with paracetamol. She was OK the next day. Her appetite reduced slightly. And I thot it was normal for her, as she didn't eat much anyway. Come Thursday, the fever came back. Another round of paracetamol and she was again OK. So we sent her to nenek's house as usual on Friday. In the evening, she was less active, not being her usual self. Unfortunately, hubby was away that nite for work. So I stayed home, taking care of sick MQ. she threw up almost 3 times. Her temperature was still considered ok. My motherly instinct told me I have to do something. So 2 patches of cool fever, and on and off wet clothes to wet her body. Come Saturday morning, I decided it was time to bring her for another round of check-up. We went to Klinik Zariah. The doc immediately issued us a referral letter for us to get MQ's blood checked up, after getting a sap medicine. So off we rushed to Columbia Asia Bkt Rimau. The blood test showed she has a high reading of bacteria percentage in her body (pardon my medical terms!) Also, her white blood cells reading was 3 times than what was supposed to be! So, admission it is and she was put under the care of Doc Cheah (which btw I highly recommend to you guys. He is a very awesome paed)

MQ refuses to eat or drink anything. Due to the inflammation in her throat. She had ulcers everywhere in the area of her throat. Ahh, no wonder her appetite was very low lately. We spent 2nites at the hospital. Come Monday, MQ was back to her normal self. Temperature was now down to 36C, stable for the past 24hrs. Another round of blood test to see her progress, and also to rule out any blood related disease (remember the high reading of white blood cell just now?) Alhamdulillah everything went back to normal. And who is the happiest person on earth if not me? =) Now that she is healthy, she eats a lot. And she loves rice more than I do hehe. Hopefully come Dec, she will gain more weight.

And for the memories, here are some pictures...
on the way to hospital
blood test. had to distract her with phone

in the ER. waiting for prep to admit to ward
too tired


ice cream! as this is the only thing she can take
bile dah sehat, ni la rupenye. memanjat sana sini...