Saturday, August 25, 2012

MQ first visit to Genting Highlands

Date: 24-Aug-2012

Initial plan was to stay a night up there. But it was a last min plan. The only available room were suites, which would cost us more than RM400. phew! thanks but no thanks! So we ended up with a day visit to Genting Highlands. All in all, it was a good trip. The day started off with a very nice weather. Not too hot, not too cold. But as 4:30PM approached, it was raining cats and dogs. We didn't get the chance to explore indoor theme park tho. And we only had the opportunity to be on a few rides only.

A few tips for family with small toddlers:-
  1. Do give the indoor theme park a visit first before going to outdoor. They have bigger range of family rides and attractions compared to outdoor theme park. Our next visit, we are targeting the indoor theme park
  2. Those traveling with stroller, it will be quite a challenge for you. There are few places with no easy access for strollers. Please park your car at Theme Park Hotel. Otherwise, you may need to carry your stroller up and down the staircase that connects other hotels to the outdoor theme park. This is applicable also to those on wheelchair.
  3. Bring a sun hat for your little ones. It can be quite a sunny weather up there around noon time.
  4. Put your toddler in a long shirt for the day, and standby a jacket for evening or raining time. It is quite sunny during the day, and it could be pretty cold during evening time.
Alright, time to enjoy the pics. More pics available at my FB page.
pening kepala lalu tertido
we are here!
double carousel

good. dah ade stroller parking. but not many utilize it
astro fighter
waiting for our turn to get on the flying elephant
are we ready Masha?
lunch break. nasi goreng RM5.50, spaghetti RM8.50
where to next, abi?
riding on the antique car
what's that, abi?
train ride
my life!
abi & masha with a character from One Piece. ade cosplay gak kat Genting
the three of us
finally, energy drained out. thank God for abi's kain pelikat. too freezy in the evening due ti heavy rain

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