Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The rush to be thin: Do's and Don'ts

now everyone wants to look slimmer or thinner than they are now, including moi! hehehe...hence the existence of variety of slimming products, be it in the form of liquid, formula, pills or garments. some of it, has been proven through testimonials to be effective, such as Premium Beautiful corsets (oh yeah harus selitkan unsur-unsur promosi di sini).
cuma pakai sahaja. selamat dan berkesan
however, are we aware that some products are actually not good, in term of the chemical ingredients? it might help us to reduce our weight tremendously. it also can cause future health problems. even worse if it could cause death *oh no!* therefore, whatever that you are planning to take, please put extra caution, as it involve our precious body.
eh gambo takde kene-mengena dgn poison chemical contents hehe. chemical yang ini bagus. boleh release kan tension :)
please do your thorough homework before you want to try a new product, especially the products that requires your daily consumption effort. how to do our homework?

  1. refer to not only one successful testimonial, but look for hundreds of successful testimonials. one is not enough to prove the product is good.
  2. look or search on the internet for any side effect story regarding the products. better still, search for any published news on the side effect. if you can found just one, please ditch the idea of trying. it is just not worth it.
  3. search if the product is banned by our Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia (KKM) due to its unsafe/poisonous chemical content. I once searched and found out that KKM made a rush to ProductA warehouse and forfeited all the products due to its chemical content that is not approved by KKM. thank God I haven't made any purchase for that ProductA.
i'm writing this with the intention to highlight on the important of research and study the product before we start putting it into our daily consumption. our body is our asset. we need it as healthy as possible, as long as we live in this world. therefore please please please do take extra caution of our precious body.

ehem ehem, back to the promotion part (it's my blog anyway hehehe), Premium Beautiful corset has been proven to be the most effective and the most sought after slimming product for the past 15years. it comes with lifetime warranty some more! and it is awarded with superbrands award! and it is not only for slimming. it is 70% for health, 30% for beauty. and what is that exactly? it means, priority is for your health. the slimming part is an added bonus :) tak percaya? please do your homework. research on how it helps to cure backache, period pain, keputihan and many other health problems :)

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