Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The rush to be thin: Do's and Don'ts

now everyone wants to look slimmer or thinner than they are now, including moi! hehehe...hence the existence of variety of slimming products, be it in the form of liquid, formula, pills or garments. some of it, has been proven through testimonials to be effective, such as Premium Beautiful corsets (oh yeah harus selitkan unsur-unsur promosi di sini).
cuma pakai sahaja. selamat dan berkesan
however, are we aware that some products are actually not good, in term of the chemical ingredients? it might help us to reduce our weight tremendously. it also can cause future health problems. even worse if it could cause death *oh no!* therefore, whatever that you are planning to take, please put extra caution, as it involve our precious body.
eh gambo takde kene-mengena dgn poison chemical contents hehe. chemical yang ini bagus. boleh release kan tension :)
please do your thorough homework before you want to try a new product, especially the products that requires your daily consumption effort. how to do our homework?

  1. refer to not only one successful testimonial, but look for hundreds of successful testimonials. one is not enough to prove the product is good.
  2. look or search on the internet for any side effect story regarding the products. better still, search for any published news on the side effect. if you can found just one, please ditch the idea of trying. it is just not worth it.
  3. search if the product is banned by our Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia (KKM) due to its unsafe/poisonous chemical content. I once searched and found out that KKM made a rush to ProductA warehouse and forfeited all the products due to its chemical content that is not approved by KKM. thank God I haven't made any purchase for that ProductA.
i'm writing this with the intention to highlight on the important of research and study the product before we start putting it into our daily consumption. our body is our asset. we need it as healthy as possible, as long as we live in this world. therefore please please please do take extra caution of our precious body.

ehem ehem, back to the promotion part (it's my blog anyway hehehe), Premium Beautiful corset has been proven to be the most effective and the most sought after slimming product for the past 15years. it comes with lifetime warranty some more! and it is awarded with superbrands award! and it is not only for slimming. it is 70% for health, 30% for beauty. and what is that exactly? it means, priority is for your health. the slimming part is an added bonus :) tak percaya? please do your homework. research on how it helps to cure backache, period pain, keputihan and many other health problems :)

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Monday, July 9, 2012

London & Paris - FREE TRIP

this is sticky post. please scroll down for the latest update. cheers guys! =)

oh my oh my!! isn't it awesome and marvellous if we can go on a free trip to London =)
Shopping at Harrods
The iconic Big Ben
Piccadily Circus
Madame Tussauds. i was here when i was 8years old.
Trafalgar Square

or honeymoon at Paris, the city of romance...
Eiffel Tower
8 days 6 night in March 2013







Come and join me and my team on this fanta-bulous holiday trip!
Let's together we rock London & Paris!!!

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Nurich Lactolite - Apakah ia?

okay kawa-kawan, hari ini saya nak perkenalkan satu lagi produk bombastic untuk membantu kita semua menurunkan berat badan atau lebih umpph lagi mendapatkan semula berat badan ideal :) apakah ia?


ia adalah Lactolite y'all!!

haa, apakah itu Lactolite?
inilah die Lactolite rupenye. dalam bentuk sachets. sekotak tu ade 25pc.

Apakah itu Nurich Lacto-Lite?
Lacto-Lite menggabungkan serbuk yogurt dan dengan kultur hidup, insulin dan ramuan-ramuan lain. Inulin adalah prebiotik. Ia membantu menambahkan bifidobakteria dalam usus dan membantu memastikan keadaan usus yang baik.

Ramuan Lacto-Lite
Inulin, serbuk yogurt dengan kultur hidup, serbuk konjak, oligo-fruktosa, maltodekstrin, serbuk vanila dan silikon dioksida dan kondisionaer makanan (agen antipengerakan) yang dibenarkan.

Bagaimana hendak minum Lacto-Lite?
Campur 1 bungkus Lactolite ke dalam 200ml air, kacau and minum terus. Elakkan penggunaan air panas. Jangan lupa minum 800ml air untuk lihat kesan lebih ketara. Penggunaan Lacto-Lite nie untuk proses detoxification, so, it's really important for us to drink lots and lots of plain water...

Bagaimana Lacto-Lite dapat membantu anda?
* Menyingkirkan toksin badan
* Menggalakkan metabolism
* Mengurangkan beban badan
* Menggalakkan pertumbuhan bakteria baik
* Membantu dalam penghadaman
* Membantu melegakan sembelit
* Membantu sintesis vitamin

Harga Lacto-Lite
Ada 25 sachets dalam satu kotak. Satu kotak hanya RM158.00.
sehari minum satu sachet jer, so satu kotak tahan 25 hari

CDM KAK ANA FROM 98KG TO 68KG IN 4 MONTH!!! using PB + Lactolite

beli 3 kotak dengan harga RM450 (RM150 per box)
free postage

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Family Dinner @ Delicious Dua Residency

Our choice of having a belated birthday dinner at Delicious Dua Residency was indeed a very good choice. Away from the hustle and bustle of shopping mall. And the place provides a quite intimate atmosphere for a whole family :)

The birthday dinner was for mom and dad. We missed their routine annual dinner due to everyone's hectic schedule. Yesterday was almost an impromptu plan I should say. But Alhamdulillah we managed to squeeze everyone's time for the dinner :)

OK let's talk about the place. I would really recommended you guys to try this place out.
 The restaurant is located on the first floor. The ground floor is the Delicious Ingredient, where it sells all items from Delicious. We didn't get the chance to check it out tho.

 The menu book is very chic in design. I love the details on the cover board.

 Everyone ordered different dishes. The Nasi Kerabu with Ayam Percik was a bit weird tho. It comes with budu, but the ayam percik is not the usual white colored sauce. It's brown. Taste wise, thumbs up :) The carrot cake is nothing unusual. I think I can get a yummier carrot cake at other place. The chocolate pavlova is ok. It tasted pavlova, like it should be hehehe.

 The many faces of MQ. She had her 1.5yo jab at TMC earlier the day and keep on complaining 'my buttock is hurt, umi' the whole day haha...

The whole family members. I hope mom and dad loved the place. More importantly I hope they loved the fact that this dinner was on their daughters and sons hehehe :)

Note: I tried on a new scarf wearing style on that day hehehe. hubby said i look gemok. but angah complimented me :)