Wednesday, June 20, 2012

waterfall vs swimming pool

i send this pic below to my sis thru whatsapp. asking her to show it to our mom. pic taken from Kak Elly's blog. see how nice the view is. i'm so in love with the view!

and this is what she replied to me...

yes, we siblings love to swim. sampai gamba tu first thing yang kitorg nampak adalah the swimming pool hehe. but i was meant to tell her about the waterfall kat tepi dinding tuh hehe...

my parents new home (inshaallah) at Enstek tuh ade dedicated small pool kat tepi. we haven't really decided yet either it's going to be a fish pond or a swimming pool. tho i would love it to be swimming pool hehe. this is the picture of the in-progress pool.

we went window shopping for the waterfall a few weeks ago. but haven't really decided on the design. definitely the design in Kak Elly's pic above would be in my approved list hehe. love the center waterfall. kalo la dapat berendam dalam pool under the waterfall tuh di tengah ari buta ni...waa heaven!

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