Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Pizza Hut re-visit

my family, we rarely give Pizza Hut the opportunity to satisfy our hunger :) but last Saturday we decided to give Pizza Hut a visit. and our visit, i would say is one of the best we had so far hehe. this time around, Pizza Hut successfully convinced me to consider Pizza Hut as one of our pit-stop.

let's enjoy the pictures...
masha occupied herself with scribble session
the session above really help us to ensure masha is not bored while waiting for the food. i think it was a good strategy for all restaurants to prepare this kind of scribble paper to accompany guests while waiting for their serving.
lime pepper chicken shop
hubby had this. at first glance, it doesn't look yummy. but looks can be deceiving, no? it tasted incredibly superb :) go try it out now! hehehe...
tuna pineapple pizza
cik masha and umi had this. tuna pineapple pizza. also tasted yummy. love it!
BBQ chicken wings
we had BBQ chicken wings as our side order. unfortunately masha didn't like the BBQ taste of it. but umi loves it so much hehe. alah just give anything to umi. all she would say is sedap! :)
kiddies menu
also, Pizza Hut has this 'Kids Eat Free Every Day' with purchase of RM20 and above. The set above comes with a cup of HomeSoy soya drink.

and finally, here is the many faces of one of Pizza Hut satisfied customer :)
sedap sehingga menjilat jari

oo oh...kantoi umi tengah amek gamba die

iiihh umi nih! gewaammm masha tau!

korek gigi selepas makan hehehe...

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