Saturday, June 9, 2012

Obesity: A Big Fat Problem For America’s Future

while browsing thru Yahoo, I came across this article on the rising of obesity amongst American. As the prevalence of obesity has increased, so have related health care costs.
what does this article has got to do with us Malaysians?
here are some articles about obesity in Malaysia.

In Malaysia, about 43% adults, some 20% adolescents and 26% of primary school children are either overweight or obese.

"Malaysia is leading in the prevalence of obesity among Southeast Asian countries. Almost one in two Malaysians are either overweight or obese, placing them at a high risk for diabetes," Dr Santha Kumari told a press conference, here, today.

our lifestyle has been much different from the old days. we are currently in a very fast pace environment. hence, fast food will always be on top of our choice when it comes to eating.

to prevent this condition, we have to take the initial step to ensure we have a very healthy body. this is were Premium Beautiful corset comes in mind. it will help you to control your weight and hopefully to prevent you from the list of obesity. pls remember, more medical costs are needed if we were to get this obesity. so prevention is better than cure.

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