Friday, June 29, 2012

Jangan sudah terhantuk, baru nak terngadah

lately dah banyak report dalam news pasal women kene assault kat parking shopping mall or outside their home when they are alone. kalo assault dan alhamdulillah masih selamat, then boleh la nak cakap alhamdulillah kan. tapi yang kes kene culik tarik masuk dalam kereta tuh, scary ok! i cannot imagine camne kalo i myself dalam that situation. confirm mati akal tak tau nak buat ape kan...

ok bak kata pepatah pujangga orang-orang lama (waaah ayat tak bole blah ok!), jangan sudah terhantuk baru nak terngadah. haa sape yang tak paham pepatah tuh? konfem BM fail ni dulu kan hehe. ok la, kalo dalam bahasa omputih, prevention is better than cure. eh tu not only apply to health ok. sume benda pon kita bole apply.

here are some useful tips yang jumpe in The Star. hopefully this will be a lesson learnt to all of us women.

  1. Scream for attention - bila diserang oleh penyangak, do scream your heart out supaya boleh attract attention orang-orang di sekeliling anda
  2. Accept the situation - bila diserang, accept the fact that you are under attack. and let your survival instinct take over
  3. Run away - bila diserang, flee at your first chance. jangan put on a fight sebab hanya akan menaikkan perasaan marah si penyerang. akan membahayakan diri kita sendiri ok
  4. Use anything in hand to defend ourself - if you cannot run away at first chance during the attack, use anything near you to weaken your attacker. car keys, umbrella, high heels, bag. just remember this is not to attack the attacker, just to weaken the attacker so we will have a chance to free ourself and run away
  5. Hit weak areas - with reference to no. 4 above, hit the attacker at their weak points. groin, knees, eye. again, point is not to attack, but to weaken the attacker.
  6. Look at the attacker carefully - study his face, his hair, his features, his accent/slang. this will be helpful when police reporting time
  7. Park your car in reverse park - this indirectly allows you to see if anyone is following you. and to the japanese, this will also save your fuel. seriously! =)
  8. Ask the guard for help - request the security guard to accompany you to your car. oh and also, when park at shopping mall, remember exactly where we park our car; the location, the nearest shop that we pass by. this is so we won't be lingering in the car park trying to locate our car

  1. Stop for anyone approaching you in isolated area - always make sure you are in a public area with lots of people.
  2. Walk with the traffic flow - always walk against the traffic flow so you can see what is coming towards you. if we walk with the traffic flow, you can't read what will happen.
  3. Fumble in your handbag - don't waste time digging for your handphone or car keys. always get these things prepared before you proceed to your car. these will come in handy if you are under attack. so always walk to your car with your keys in hand. oh and don't waste your time talking on the phone either. you might lose your caution.
  4. Fight your assailant - don't put on a fight.period!unless you are very confident you can overpower the attacker. just run away at first chance
  5. Take the stairs instead of the lift - certain staircases doesn't equipped with CCTV coverage. if you have no choice but to take the stairs, make sure you are not alone. trail along with 2 or 3 persons (hopefully they are not the attacker)
alright, there you go some safety tips for our guidance. just remember, jangan sudah terhantuk, baru nak terngadah ok!

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