Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Day Trip to Pusat Sains Negara

It was a well-planned trip organized by my colleagues :) i'm very sure all of us had a fun-tastic time at Pusat Sains Negara. Booking were made in advance. Since we booked the tix under Adult group, we were charged RM5/adult. And it all worth it! Ticket purchases can be made at the main entrance. Which I find a bit thumbs-down. Just imagine during school holiday, you have to park your car b the roadside and walk a bit to the ticket booth. After purchasing the tickets, then only you can enter PSN. But i guess it is rational because during peak season, you have to park your vehicles in front of the Security Commissioners building.

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Anyhow, what's inside PSN you might ask?

1. Aquarium at the entrance
There is a big overhead aquarium at the entrance, which displays a lot of freshwater fishes. There is also an interactive console for visitors to view the information of each of the fishes being displayed. I think masha enjoyed this display the most.

2. Wonderspark
Highlights the three critical elements of nature; water, light and wind through exciting interactive exhibits.

3. Pathway to Science
Visitors can engage themselves with the many hands-on exhibits in the different science disciplines of Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Earth Science and Astronomy. Learn more about transformation of energy at our new Energy Circuit exhibit.

4. Eureka
Fun Science and Maths zone with a creativity corner for all to explore. Design to inspire visitor to think out of the box.

Oh also there is this one special room which you can book for birthday celebration. It is at the math area. We stepped into the room to check out but were ushered out as they are in the mid of preparing for birthday party.

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Our breakfast and lunch were provided by the cafe staff. Early booking is needed for this. And what a surprise! My colleagues throw a surprise birthday celebration for May girls: me, Hajar & baby Tisha.
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And highlight of the day was a quick dip inside the pool at water theme park area. Yes, PSN do have a small water theme park :) we were all actually looking forward for this activity hehe. Kids were swimming and running around. The pool is not too deep. Suitable to bring your kids for a weekend quick getaway :)
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So if you are interested to bring your kids for a great adventure in science, do give PSN a visit. They are currently having a Dinosaur exhibition.

For more info, you can visit here or here or here
Here the map to PSN:-

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