Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Latest addition to her toys collection

We were all at The Steamboat Ketam Village, IPC last Sunday for our weekly family dinner event. Masha was her usual self. All bubbly and chatty. She got bored easily. So when she started to get all cranky, Abi took her out for a stroll along the IPC. They were back few minutes after. And I was like, "eh, sekejap je jalan-jalan anak umi ?"

"She wants pocoyo", Abi said. hah? Apparently just next to the restaurant, there is a shop selling plush toys. And upon seeing the Pocoyo being displayed on the window, she went all cuckoo screaming and saying nak while pointing fingers to Pocoyo. Aish my little baby.

So Umi being the usual kind momma, brought her to the shop again. "Eeeeee!!!!" Terkejut Umi dibuatnya! She screamed in excitement upon seeing Pocoyo. All the patrons in the shop were at a surprise haha. Even a man said, "Oh i thought it was the fire alarm" hahaha

So I askes the sales girl, how much does the Pocoyo cost? RM65. Huhu for just that small size. Umi tried to get Masha to buy Pororo or Lupi or Edi or Crong (all characters from Pororo the animated series) coz the price is RM20 cheaper than the Pocoyo hehe but the size is bigger. But she insisted on buying Pocoyo. So Pocoyo it is! Anything for you dear Masha

orang offer pororo tak nak...nak caucasian je. MQ's newest toy is a frenchman
Budak demam tido peluk Pocoyo


  1. Salam, and all. MashaAllah. IPC ni kat mana. My 2 years old daughter is a big fan of pocoyo! We are living in kelantan. Dan saya kerja di kuantan. Urghh...kat mana nak dapat pocoyo nih? Boleh jual online tak?? kalau setuju, tolong respond ke email, hajarfauzan@gmail.com

    1. saya beli kt mudah.my

  2. saya baru jer beli patung pocoyo ni..mmg mahal..dh la kecik dlm 29cm jer..rm70 termasuk poslaju..terpaksa gak beli sbb dh tak tahu nk cari kt mana..mmg susah nk dpt patung pocoyo ni..

  3. IPC-Ikano power centre..infront Ikea @Damansara Utama,KL.. Im going to survey,if this Pocoyo still available or not... My son also big fan! Hehehe..