Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Premium Beautiful - Why I Choose PB Over Others (Part 2)

to continue on my previous entry, i was (indirectly) introduced to Premium Beautiful corset in late 2008 when I first saw an entry made by Farah Nad on how she is able to reduce her weight. that is after i've spent thousands of ringgit on other products just to regain my early-of-marriage-time weight.

see, in mid of 2008 i had a miss miscarriage at 12weeks of pregnancy. i felt frustrated, hence i ate and i ate and i ate until i got fed-up with my weight =) now i got two frustration; losing a baby and weight gain. i've tried this famous slimming centre which uses international actress as their ambassador. i can only spent about RM2500 for their service. but to the SA, i have to spend about RM5000 to get the best result. with RM2500, there is no guarantee i can reduce my weigh *sigh* dah la duit melayang RM2500, every day i have to rush from work to this center to do the treatment. it was a total chaos! the treatment plak masa urut tu ya allah sakit ya rabbi. pastu bile tibe time icy treatment tuh, kene balut satu badan dgn kain sejuk. pegghhh menggigil satu badan. ok treatment tu ok lg. kene beli plak segala maknika lotion utk pakai siang dan malam konon-konon akan lebih effective. kene plak buat jadual pemakanan utk dietician review. mmg kene diet habis-habisan. bayangkan makan yong tau foo utk dinner pon die kate too much. aiyoyo! last-last fed-up mmg tak pegi dah treatment tuh. abes melayang duit cenggitu aje. adeh!!! berat pon tak turun huhu...

then ade plak mencuba healthy shake dari one of my friend. need to substitute 1 meal with this shake. normally i would go for breakfast subs with this shake. so every morning blend la this shake with other ingredients (i normally campur dgn bliss aje) because to drink it just like that memang tak kena dgn my taste bud. ohh memang satu paksaan for me nak abeskan satu mug shake ni. pastu malas plak nak bangun awal-awal pagi just to have extra time to prepare this shake. plus, i need to control my eating some more. oh that is so not me. i love eating. control eating to me is like killing me softly from inside =) then about 1-2month nak kene fikir top up supply lg. oh malas nye! plus duit nak reserve bulan-bulan tuh slalu takde terguna utk benda lain hehe. there you go again i ditch the idea of having healthy shake.

pastu alhamdulillah terjumpe plak dengan Premium Beautiful ni. keluar duit sekali tu aje...pastu trus pakai hari-hari mcm pakai baju dalam biasa. tak perlu nak diet. tak perlu nak control makan. dalam 3minggu pakai aje, org kat ofis trus perasan that i've look slimmer. haa tu la korang dulu masa aku gemoks, bukan main ek cakap belakang-belakang hehe. then i bersalin c-sec. so after 1month berpantang, trus aje sarung PB. balek kampung mase raya (6months after) nenek trus perasan yang i kecut gile berbanding masa pantang (nenek yang jaga sebulan pantang). haa suka suka weh!! pastu sampai skang anak dah 16bulan masih lg menyusu badan alhamdulillah. semua kerana usaha memakai PB inshaallah...

If you want to feel and see how PB looks like, do not hesitate to contact me:-

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