Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Premium Beautiful - Why I Choose PB over others?

i'm using this moment to share with all of you out there the reasons why i choose PB over others. there are a lot of reasons why i love PB. but here i will list down only a few of it. i hope by sharing this will also encourage you guys out there to try PB =)

  1. Superbrands award
  2. Image from Superbrands
    •  There are 2 criteria that the Superbrands council look for when awarding this award; quality and quantity. which simply means the corset is loved by hundreds and thousands of people (based on sales volume) and the quality of the products is tip top and been trusted by everyone. so why the hesitation since PB has been around for more than 15years? 

  3. Lifetime Warranty
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    • Premium Beautiful comes with a lifetime warranty (which include free repair service). yeah i kid you not! Any damage occurred to your PB set due to normal wear & tear is serviceable and its FOC. All you have to do is go back to the agent that you bought the PB from, and they will help you dealing with the company for the repair. Therefore it is very much important to always deal with a trusted and professional agent (hey it's me! hehe)

  5. Free services
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    • Free services from the agent includes point #2 above (regarding the repair service). If you are living in the area near to your agent, we will come to you and help you with the initial measurement and fitting. So you will always get the best size that fits your body. If you are living oversea, fret not we will always guide you with the measurement. And we can also do delivery to not only within Malaysia, but also oversea. So if you are leaving in US or UK or wherever you are in the world, just contact me and I'll do the rest for you. PB is very suitable for your confinement period =)

  7. Sizing made to measure
    • There is no fix S,M,L or XL size for Premium Beautiful. The sizes come in numbers. Reason being is for every body shape and type could fit in PB. You could be wearing small size for long bra, medium size for waist nipper and small size for girdle. For other brands, so far the one that I surveyed comes in fix size. Therefore you might be experiencing discomfort due to the size is not almost custom fit to your body shape. I've been wearing mine for the past 3 years and I'm happy with this sizes.

  8. Material (Akwatek & Akwadyne material)
  9. Image from Razali Zain's blog
    • Malaysia is a tropical climate country and temperatures can sore to above 36 degree Celsius. Choosing the right material is IMPORTANT! Akwatek & Akwadyne is known to help stabilize the body's temperature where in cold conditions the fabric constricts to keep heat and in high temperatures the fabrics allows air and moisture to evaporate easily.  
    • taken from Razali Zain

  10. Habit
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    • The last reason why I choose PB over other products is something to do with habit. Wearing PB is like wearing your inner, everyday. We've been trained to wear our inner since we were toddlers right? So this habit of wearing inner has been with us for the past 20-30years of our life. Therefore, when we switch to Premium Beautiful corset, it is like switching to a brand new inner (with lifetime warranty yea) with the same old way of doing it =) If I were to opt for other products, I have to start on a new diet routine or have to remember to take the pills every day. But with PB, it definitely made my life easier. Plus, I've lost more than 20kgs after my c-sec delivery and I'm now maintaining my youth-time weight hehehe...

So there you go reasons why I prefer Premium Beautiful over other products and/or brands.
If you want to feel and see how PB looks like, do not hesitate to contact me

call/text me: 0123198059
facebook: Nisa Yasir
email: ainunnisa@yahoo.com

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