Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Premium Beautiful - Breastfeeding with PB

Alhamdulillah my Masha turns 17months today. and today also marks the 17months period into our beautiful breastfeeding journey. yup she stills on breastfeeding. altho she has been using FM during the day at her nenek's house, she still 100% BF during nite time or on weekend. and now she doesn't even want her FM at all. so she's back to 100% BF yeay!
and since i'm a breastfeeding mom, i wanna share with all off you on the method to breastpump at the office while wearing your PB. if your are using single pump like Medela Swing (I'm using one before) or double pump like Spectra (i'm using Spectra as double pump), it is just an easy peesy one...here's how:-
this is the front and back view of your PB...

Image from http://faeismayuddin.blogspot.com/
when it is time for pumping, pull the PB cup and put the pump's cup at your breast. then return the PB cup to it's original position. it will hold your pump's cup in place. yup i didn't use any strap to hold my pump's cup. this is the way that i've been using for the past 17months. the same method goes when you want to breastfeed your baby. pull the PB cup, bring your breast out, and continue to feed your baby. easy isn't it? there is no need to take off the whole PB bra =)

and if you are using Medela Freestyle, here's how to pump according to Fae Nur:-

1st step : untuk Freestyle,ade 2 hooks : hook A & B...
so, untuk pakai dgn PB ni sila amek hook A..
cangkuk kan hook tu pada lubang long bra PB. 

2nd step : masukkan muncung pump ke dalam cup ( sila refer gambar )
2 clips ( bahagian bawah ) clipkan pada waist nipper...

3rd step : sila pump macam biase...hehehe...
the method will be almost the same if you are using other pump brand as well.

Ciri-ciri long bra Premium Beautiful -'designated specifically for nursing'. :-
  • cara penggunaan hanya tarik cup kebawah -mudah dan cepat. Bayi anda tidak akan menunggu lama. Payudara anda akan diampu oleh cup jadi ia tidak akan 'jatuh'
  • bra cup yang elastik boleh menampung saiz payudara yang 1 size lagi besar. Jika susu datang payudara anda akan membesar 1size.
  • Bra yang tidak ketat -boleh menganjal dan tidak menghadkan tumbesaran payudara, ini berbeza dengan nursing bra yang lain yang boleh menyebabkan jangkitan kuman dan kesan tidak selesa pada si pemakai.
  • Cup Premium Beautiful adalah bersifat kapas 'cotton bra' yang mana memberikesan selesa dan boleh bernafas kepada payudara anda yang mengandungi susu.
taken from premiumbeautiful2u

and most importantly, here is a testimony from a PB user regarding BF:-
Testimony from fully BF mom, 3days after wearing PB for milk booster.
image taken from http://faeismayuddin.blogspot.com/

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