Thursday, May 3, 2012

Mothercare 25th Anniversary Sale

i've always love to (window) shop masha's stuff at Mothercare :) there is something about the shop that attracts me. normally we will go to either Subang Parade or KLCC outlet. i even have VIP membership card for that matter =) items that i usually purchased for masha are from the girls fashion clothing range. the prices may seem too pricey, but normally they come in pack of 2 or 3. so when you divide the price individually, it will be almost the same as other brands. furthermore, the quality of the material is very soft and suitable for our hot weather of Malaysia =)

last week, i received an sms alert notifying me of Mothercare's 25th Anniversary sale. i was very excited and looking forward to join the crowd eventho i've just spend RM130 for masha full body swimsuit last week hehe. those of you who are interested to check out Mothercare outlet, the sale will be from 4-6May. below are the items that would be on sale.
 Also, to all the momma bloggers, please like Mothercare's FB page and you are entitle to enter their contest. Details of the contest per below.

 Also, come and join others at Mothercare wonderland party (KLCC outlet) on 6-May per details below. There will be a lot of fun activities for us mommies and babies. Ooohh can't wait!

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