Thursday, May 10, 2012

Little Riders in the house!

Masha's 3 little 'abangs' were being presented with a bicycle each by their paternal grandpa. oh how lucky are they! and masha being the smallest one, are unable to join in the fun with her brothers. the first day the bicycles were delivered to nenek's house, i was there. seeing the kids riding the bike (in the house ok!), i was thinking, mannn this is how it felt like seeing other people getting what they want, but i don't have any. well, not that Masha requested for a bike (yet). she was back sided, riding her own tolocar and at the same time admiring her brothers' new bikes. poor Masha!

so hubby being a great Abi, couldn't bear the fact that Masha is without a bicycle. tho she already has her own tolocar for the record. he search high and low for a good bike that could suit Masha well. of cos the searching is actually done over the internet (puff!! IT guy). one would think that he will search for something like below. you know, the usual girly pinky bicycle.

but no!! he forwarded me a link to Little Rider's website, a distributor of unique, fun and high quality ride-on toys for children and grown-ups that help develop balance and co-ordination skills. he is interested to buy Masha the balance bike, particularly the YBike Balance Bike. it is suitable for 1.5 - 3.5yrs old toddler. it is said to encourage our kids to balance on his own rather than relying on mechanical aids such as stabilizer. the YBike will help to improve a child's balance & coordination. price is RM229 (ouch!). and no we haven't bought one yet. but i think we will go to the shop this weekend to see if it is actually suits Masha well or not. pfftt! talking about spoiling the kid so much.

YBike has received quite a number of good testimonials from parents. you can view the testimonial here. To read more on the balance bike, go to here. there is an article on how to choose the right balance bike for your kid. and not to forget the safety tips that you should apply to your kid whenever they are on the balance bike.

Besides balance bike, Little Rider's also provides other products such as scooter, waveboards, accessories and others. Go check out the website for more.

I can imagine bringing Masha out to the park while she's on her YBike haha. Ok Umi is so excited to buy her this bike. Now, where did i put my money?? =)

Masha will be so cute in this pink YBike hehe =)
kid in action!

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