Tuesday, May 8, 2012

How we celebrated my last 20th birthday

OMG!! i'm approaching the 3-series era and i just couldn't believe it haha. Thank you Allah for giving me this wonderful life i had so far with my love ones. and Alhamdulillah i'm in my great health.

and how we celebrated my last 20th birthday? we had early birthday dinner on the eve of my birthday at Windmill AEON Bkt Tinggi. A birthday treat from dearest hubby. And no, we were not alone having quiet candle light dinner as most other couples do. Hubby insisted that Masha shouldn't be left out of this celebration. and i definitely has no objection =)
the birthday girl
and his
and special prawn for princess masha!
Ummi can i have some of your honeydew juice?
Abi, do you want some?
masha with her cheeky pose
pouted lips, both of us =)
haaa??? what is that Ummi?
hello mama? masha at Bkt Tinggi right now...
window shopping at Guess for purse. but none caught my attention
the next day or should i say on the real birthday =) my lovely colleagues took me out for a lunch treat at Papa Rich Citta Mall. And i were showered with 4 cute pieces of Wondermilk cupcake. owwwhhh!! thank you so much guys for making me fat hahaha. takpe i have my PB set *winkwink* seriously you guys are awesome! thank you thank you thank you!
ila, yin, fatiha, hajar, shieka, kak nurul, hanim, iffan...tqvm you guys!!
the delicious cupcake by Wondermilk
and guess what dearest hubby brought home for me after work yesterday?? yes a purse =) weehoo!! thank you so much sayang! no wonder he picked me up late. and i know he was up to something. so i didn't nag at him for being late hehehe...love u dear!! the purse was bought from MNG. exactly like what i browsed thru at MNG Bkt Tinggi during the dinner treat. my old buruk purse decided to betray me and i betrayed it by changing him for a new one haha...
the gift
see my old purse on the right?? that's right. i'm that simple haha...now i have a new purse, i'm a happy girl =)
to all who wishes me, thank you so much for all your great wishes and prayers. it means a lot to me. seriously! i think i have the most number of wishes this year compared to previous years. gheess..thank you for reminding me i'm getting olders, guys!! hahaha...no i'm just kidding. 29 is just a number, no? =)

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