Thursday, April 26, 2012

Property Investment: Gold Coast Morib Service Apartment

Hubby and I, we have been looking for our 2nd property for investment purpose. For this 2nd property, we decided to use my name for loan purpose, since our current house is under hubby's. We searched high and low for a house that suits my budget.

To search for a reasonable property for investment purpose, below are the selection criteria that we look for:-
1. Increasing population area
2. Good location with great amenities
3. Affordability for renter
4. Affordability for myself

We focused ourselves at condo/1-storey terrace house. We found a few that attracts us but they are either too pricey for a small sqft area, or the house is in bad condition (too much reno work required), or the possibility for the house to be rented out is low.

Until quite recently, in Feb to be exact, my mom suddenly wanted to check out Gold Coast Morib. Her intention was to survey for her company’s family day event. So there we went. After chit chat session, we came to a decision to buy a 3bedroom service apartment. We came to that decision quite fast without having second thoughts. Yeah I know crazy =) but hey the returns is very interesting! Plus I don’t have to worry about getting people to rent the unit. I will lease the unit to GCR management for a period of time. Plus point is the unit is fully furnished. And we get to spend 8days annually at the resort, besides the 8% + 5% return.

I’m now a proud owner of an asset!! Weehee!!!

So I’ll leave you with some pictures of the apartment.

small kitchen
bathroom #1
bathroom #2
bedroom #1
bedroom #2
bedroom #3
living room
dining hall. love the partition between dining & living hall
view from living hall


  1. salam , untuk disewakan jugak ke ?

  2. sorry utk masa ni saya pon tak pasti berapa rate die...sbb saya serahkan kepada mgmt resort utk sewakan on behalf of me...

  3. How much u bought the unit?
    And do u collect the rental on time every month?