Sunday, April 1, 2012

Masha's Essentials

Listing down things that are essentials to Masha (and also to me)...

1. Diapers
Masha is an avid user of Mamy Poko brand. or more like I am an avid fan of Mamy Poko :) We started to use Mamy Poko from day 1 until now. We've tried a few other brands but they leak easily. There was this one time when we went back to our hometown and this 'smart' Umi of Masha forgot to pack along her diapers *slaps head* There is no Mamy Poko available on all stores around our hometown. So we had to settle with brand 'H'. I changed Masha's diaper at 9PM before her sleep time. By the time it was 8AM, she wet our bed. There you go more work for Umi & Abi *grrr* so no more other brands! Mamy Poko gives Masha superior absorbency and supreme dryness for longer usage. And Masha never had issue with bottom rashes since Day 1. Alhamdulillah! That made our lifes easier. At 1yr++ old, she still wears size M.
2. Baby care products
I uses Johnson's products since I was a kid. And I know what magic it can do to my skin. Therefore it is common that I use the same product for Masha, as I believe in Johnson's reliability. From bathtime to bedtime to playtime. I super love the smell of JOHNSON'S® HEAD-TO-TOE® Baby Wash. Another product that I love is JOHNSON'S® Baby Oil with Aloe Vera & Vitamin E. See, my baby is as active as a baby boy. She climbs up telephone cabinet at her nenek's. She runs around trying to chase her abangs at nenek's front yard. She runs around nenek's house banging herself to the chairs and tables. Therefore, she cuts herself more than I do hahaha. I applied Johnson's baby oil with aloe vera & vitamin E to her skin and it does wonders to reduce the scars on Masha.Try it yourself to see it.

3. Milk bottle
Masha stills refuses bottle whenever she is with me. Remember this post about me trying on different types of bottle to feed Masha? At last she settled with Avent for her milk session at nenek's. She can't live with her Avent. There was this one time when I forgot to pack her bottle together with her EBM. Hubby had to take time-off just to go to our home and deliver the bottle to nenek hahaha. It was fortunate at that time as hubby works just 5-mins from our home, and nenek's is just 10 mins away. So it was a lesson learnt for me hehehe not to forget to pack her bottle.
Anyway, Masha still refuses bottle whenever I'm around. How lahhh to wean her off???

4. Baby wet wipe
We use Pureen baby wet wipe for Masha. The pop-up top cover keeps the wipes wet longer. Tried using different brands before. But the wet wipes dry out easily after a certain time.

5. Clothes.
Masha wears all sort of brands from Fiffy to Anakku to Baby Kiko to JBaby to Poney to Baby Gap to Pumpkin Patch etc. You name it, she has it hahaha. When it comes to her clothing, I would prefer to buy something that looks nice and comfort. But of course my favorite (or more like her opah's favorite) would be from Poney. Masha has almost all the collection from Poney, mostly courtesy of her opah.

But Umi's favorite dress of Masha would be this dress, bought by Mak Ngah from London. The ribbon detail on the front is so cute! and look at the combination of the colors. brown with pink. Definitely Umi's favorite!

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