Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Journey of Me Losing Weight (Part 2)

so this is the continuation from my previous post: Journey of Me Losing Weight (Part 1).

when i was pregnant with Masha, my weight shoot up to 63kg from my pre-pregnancy weight of 50kg. to some the incremental of 13kg is not that much. but to me, i felt like i'm about to explode! no kidding y'all.

i think it would be easier if i potray the journey of my weight thru pictures, no?

during my college day. 2002-2006. weight: 43kg - 45kg. see the sharp chin. owhhh i'm admiring the old nisa hehehe...

 during my wedding day. Jan 2008. weight: 48kg. started to gaining horizontally.

this is from 2009 photo. weight: 52kg. just look at my face and my big arm. errkk!!

few days before my due date. weight: 63kg. double chin. my fingers. ouchh!!
and here i'm now...after having a kid of my own...
weight: 45kg. the t-shirt that i wore in this picture is teen size. it was my college t-shirt. i think this picture doesn't do much justice hehe...will take another one soon. this time proper picture :D

so wanna know my secret???

i'm wearing Premium Beautiful y'all!!! yes, it is that easy. no diet needed. i hardly do routine exercise. just simply by wearing my precious Premium Beautiful corset =) so there you go. my secret to losing weight and maintaining it. even my hubby would occasionally talk about my weight reduction (he's not really easy to compliment my look unless being asked. oh yes, totally not romantic! hahaha)

so, if you are looking for a method to losing weight and keeping yourself healthy, contact me for free consultation now =) i'm more than happy to assist you and sharing my experiences.

call/text me now =)

Nisa Yasir

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