Monday, April 16, 2012

How to safely clean your baby’s ears

I like to make sure Masha’s ears are always clean. This includes removing the earwax. Hubby has been advising me not to do it on my own as it may cause harm to her. This stubborn Nisa just doesn’t know how to listen to people’s advice, until he forwarded me these articles for my reading. Those of you who always use cotton buds for your baby’s ear, the articles might be useful for you. Below I summarized some of the important notes:-
  • Cerumen (ear wax), a combination of several chemicals (including cholesterol), helps keep the body’s skin moist & hydrated.
  • Ear wax doesn't usually build up in an infant ear.
  • If you notice over abundance of ear wax, it would be wise to contact your paediatrician or take your baby for a check up
  • To clean your baby’s ear, take a warm, damp wash cloth and gently clean baby’s outer ear.
  • Do not use cotton bud or Q-tip to insert into your baby’s ear canal. It not only will push the ear wax farther into the canal, it may also cause scarring and damage to the ear drum
  • It is wise to let a trained professional or your paediatrician to clean your baby’s ears during  routine check-up. Talk to them for the arrangement.
For more readings, you can go to either of below links:-

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