Monday, April 30, 2012

Gold Coast Morib - Apr 2012 Getaway

Another Gold Coast conquered hehe. Gold Coast Morib to me is better than Gold Coast Sepang in term of the activities for the family.

(this entry will be full of pictures. you have been warned!)

The whole extended family together with 2 other families were there for 2D1N getaway. We practically conquered the whole left wing of Level 6 hehe. 3 studio apartments and 1 4-bedroom penthouse were booked by us. Pictures below were taken from the penthouse suite.

Master bedroom
bedroom #2
bedroom #3
bedroom #4
the balcony with gazebo and relaxing area
the view from our suite
the living room
dining area
master bedroom comes with jacuzzi tub in the bathroom
i'm in love with this type of sink
small kitchen (prep) area
bathroom amenities
gazebo again
We started of the day with check-in at 2PM and a light lunch at my family's penthouse. Then at 5PM, we were already at the water theme park splashing around having the time to ourselves :)

more slide
masha with pakcu
view towards the resting area
with kakak sofea
masha's afraid of the mushroom
alligator coming!
The entrance rate. We've got to enter for free! Residents are given complimentary tickets
the resort provides locker for rental (RM2 per use)
 later at night, we had our big dinner at our penthouse. ikan bakar from Morib yumyum!
kids nowadays...mengadap ipad ok!
bonding time
friends & family
masha with kakak aliya
breakfast for the next morning at resort's restaurant. the restaurant is packed with people. food ran out too fast like there is a group of piranha inside the restaurant =) after breakfast, we head towards the beach.
The Pier
Us by the beach
she doesn't like the sands haha
The Pier again
End up standing on the bench
morning by the beach
Lastly, picture of the day...

The family


  1. Hi!

    nice pictures you got there (: I was wondering, for the penthouse, as you've been there, i was wondering are there toilets in every bedroom in the penthouse? I can't seem to find this information anywhere online.

    Thanks in advance!

    1. hi emi...
      we rented the 4bedroom penthouse...
      master bedroom and room #3 have its own toilet.
      room #2 and room #4 share the same toilet, in the dining area.
      so in total, the penthouse has 3 toilets altogether

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