Monday, April 30, 2012

Premium Beautiful - Guidelines

OK, below are the guidelines on how to wear Premium Beautiful. It does look like we have to go through a lot of work, but trust me it is actually a piece of cake! I've been wearing it for more than 3 years now, it took me only 5mins each morning to put on this PB. it is just like wearing your usual inners =) 

you don't believe me? why not get yourself a set of PB today and you can proof it yourself ;)

Cara Pemakaian Long Girdle:

1. Lipatkan bahagian pinggang dan dan kaki seluar dalam.
2. Sarungkan seperti memakai seluar dalam biasa.
3. Masukkan tangan di bahagian punggung dan tarik lebihan lemak ke atas.
4. Perbetulkan kedudukannya agar selesa.

Cara Pemakaian Long Bra:

1. Sarungkan bra ke badan dan letakkan payu dara ke dalam cawan bra.
2. Lekatkan cangkuk di bahagian belakang.
3. Tarik semua lebihan lemak yang ada di bahagian belakang dan bawa ke hadapan (masukkan ke dalam cawan bra).
4. Laraskan tali bra supaya dapat kedudukan yang selesa.
5. Betulkan kedudukan bra.

Cara Pemakaian Waist Nipper:

1. Lekatkan kesemua cangkuk.
2. Betulkan kedudukannya.
3. Tarik tali pelaras.
4. Tahan nafas dan cangkukkan.
5. Pastikan ianya selesa.

Panduan Memilih Pencuci / Losyen:

1. Gunakan syampu atau losyen yang disyorkan sahaja.
2. Gunakan losyen yang beralkali lemah atau neutral.
3. Jangan menggunakan pemutih klorin.
4. Meletakkan pakaian dalam ke dalam air setelah syampu atau losyen melarut dengan sepenuhnya.
5. Rendam dan cuci secara berasingan dengan pakaian lain terutamanya pakaian yang berwarna.

Penduan Mencuci:

1. Dilarang menggunakan mesin basuh, pakaian akan rosak dan menjejaskan fungsi F.I.R yang terdapat pada produk.
2. Rendam pakaian ke dalam air, setelah syampu atau losyen larut sepenuhnya.
3. Cuci menggunakan tangan pada suhu air yang rendah iaitu sekitar 30 degrees Celcius.
4. Mencuci bahagian kotor atau bahagian berpeluh dengan menggosok atau mengurut perlahan-lahan dengan tangan.
5. Biasanya, bahagian pinggul lebih kotor gosok menggunakan tangan semasa mencuci untuk mengelakkan kerosakan.


1. Dilarang menggunakan syampu atau losyen beralkali tinggi.
2. Dilarang menjemur pakaian di bawah sinaran cahaya matahari.
3. Dilarang menggunakan seterika.
4. Dilarang mencuci dengan menggunakan mesin basuh.
5. Dilarang memerah pakaian untuk tujuan mengeringkan air.

Panduan Menjemur:

1. Penjemuran dilakukan dengan menterbalikkan bahagian dalam ke luar dan betulkan bentuk serta ratakan kedutan-kedutan yang wujud.
2. Jemur sebaik sahaja selesai membasuh untuk mengelakkan kedutan.
3. Jemur di tempat udara mengalir.
4. Jangan jemur di bawah sinaran matahari atau udara panas (ini akan menjejas kualiti kain dan menyebabkan warna menjadi pudar).

So, hopefully entry dapat dijadikan panduan buat semua wanita yang memakai Premium Beautiful...:)

entry credit to Izyan Liyana

Gold Coast Morib - Apr 2012 Getaway

Another Gold Coast conquered hehe. Gold Coast Morib to me is better than Gold Coast Sepang in term of the activities for the family.

(this entry will be full of pictures. you have been warned!)

The whole extended family together with 2 other families were there for 2D1N getaway. We practically conquered the whole left wing of Level 6 hehe. 3 studio apartments and 1 4-bedroom penthouse were booked by us. Pictures below were taken from the penthouse suite.

Master bedroom
bedroom #2
bedroom #3
bedroom #4
the balcony with gazebo and relaxing area
the view from our suite
the living room
dining area
master bedroom comes with jacuzzi tub in the bathroom
i'm in love with this type of sink
small kitchen (prep) area
bathroom amenities
gazebo again
We started of the day with check-in at 2PM and a light lunch at my family's penthouse. Then at 5PM, we were already at the water theme park splashing around having the time to ourselves :)

more slide
masha with pakcu
view towards the resting area
with kakak sofea
masha's afraid of the mushroom
alligator coming!
The entrance rate. We've got to enter for free! Residents are given complimentary tickets
the resort provides locker for rental (RM2 per use)
 later at night, we had our big dinner at our penthouse. ikan bakar from Morib yumyum!
kids nowadays...mengadap ipad ok!
bonding time
friends & family
masha with kakak aliya
breakfast for the next morning at resort's restaurant. the restaurant is packed with people. food ran out too fast like there is a group of piranha inside the restaurant =) after breakfast, we head towards the beach.
The Pier
Us by the beach
she doesn't like the sands haha
The Pier again
End up standing on the bench
morning by the beach
Lastly, picture of the day...

The family

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Property Investment: Gold Coast Morib Service Apartment

Hubby and I, we have been looking for our 2nd property for investment purpose. For this 2nd property, we decided to use my name for loan purpose, since our current house is under hubby's. We searched high and low for a house that suits my budget.

To search for a reasonable property for investment purpose, below are the selection criteria that we look for:-
1. Increasing population area
2. Good location with great amenities
3. Affordability for renter
4. Affordability for myself

We focused ourselves at condo/1-storey terrace house. We found a few that attracts us but they are either too pricey for a small sqft area, or the house is in bad condition (too much reno work required), or the possibility for the house to be rented out is low.

Until quite recently, in Feb to be exact, my mom suddenly wanted to check out Gold Coast Morib. Her intention was to survey for her company’s family day event. So there we went. After chit chat session, we came to a decision to buy a 3bedroom service apartment. We came to that decision quite fast without having second thoughts. Yeah I know crazy =) but hey the returns is very interesting! Plus I don’t have to worry about getting people to rent the unit. I will lease the unit to GCR management for a period of time. Plus point is the unit is fully furnished. And we get to spend 8days annually at the resort, besides the 8% + 5% return.

I’m now a proud owner of an asset!! Weehee!!!

So I’ll leave you with some pictures of the apartment.

small kitchen
bathroom #1
bathroom #2
bedroom #1
bedroom #2
bedroom #3
living room
dining hall. love the partition between dining & living hall
view from living hall