Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Journey of Me Losing Weight (Part 1)

I was born with petite frame size. Since I was a kid, my BMI can be considered as below the should-be level. Those who know me will tell you they have never seen me going overboard with my size haha. I was always the smallest kid.

Not until I got married boohoo…See, the most I will go with my weight was 43kg. That was during university years and at the early stage of my working life. XS attire seems too big for me back then. Then I met En Hubby and this is where my weight problem knocks in haha…no I didn’t blame En Hubby for it :p I guess happy Nisa just can’t stop eating when she’s happy hehe…

My weight jumped to 48kg in 6months time. That is right after I got engaged to En Hubby. Kay-poh-chee people at work has started to talk behind my back. It didn’t hurt me much. I just ignored all the ‘soseh-soseh’. Then right after I got married, my weight jumped to 52kg. From 48kg to 52kg in less than 6months. Phew!! That’s 4kg extra that I have to carry on my buttock haha. Hardwork I tell you. Hard work…

I have to get a new set of wardrobe to cater for my changes haha. This is where I started to get frustrated. More worries = more eating, no? I started to realize the need for me to lose some weight when people at work started to talk about my weight to En Hubby. Yes, they don’t have the guts to come straight to my face y’all.

me at 52kg...OMG look at my fatty face
Next entry, I’ll share with you on how I managed to get back to my before-marriage weight.


  1. Bleh bg email tak? Nk tanya pasal ovarian drilling di troicana..i google pasal pcos n read about ur treatment di tropicana..thank u

  2. Hi aceeta.my email is ainunnisa@yahoo.com

  3. cpt update.

    aku tak kurang 1kg pun sejak keje BNM..gembira sgt kot? :P