Monday, February 13, 2012's been ages since i last babbling around in this *beautiful* blog of mine. somehow i lost all the "me" time since masha came into my life. no i'm not complaining. in fact, i'm very much grateful with her presence. i can't thank Allah enough for this greatest gift to me and hubby.

so what's up with my life so far? so far so good i can say. there are things that very much made me a happy Nisa. but there are also things that i somehow regret doing. but then, there is no point to cry over the spilled milk, right? we've just got to move onwards!

i have set 3 main goals for 2012, for which i'll be sharing soon. i do pray that 2012 will be a great year for me and my family.

i have a few entries pending, one of which will be on Masha's first birthday bash. till then, i'll be writing more soon. so stay tune!

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