Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Journey of Me Losing Weight (Part 1)

I was born with petite frame size. Since I was a kid, my BMI can be considered as below the should-be level. Those who know me will tell you they have never seen me going overboard with my size haha. I was always the smallest kid.

Not until I got married boohoo…See, the most I will go with my weight was 43kg. That was during university years and at the early stage of my working life. XS attire seems too big for me back then. Then I met En Hubby and this is where my weight problem knocks in haha…no I didn’t blame En Hubby for it :p I guess happy Nisa just can’t stop eating when she’s happy hehe…

My weight jumped to 48kg in 6months time. That is right after I got engaged to En Hubby. Kay-poh-chee people at work has started to talk behind my back. It didn’t hurt me much. I just ignored all the ‘soseh-soseh’. Then right after I got married, my weight jumped to 52kg. From 48kg to 52kg in less than 6months. Phew!! That’s 4kg extra that I have to carry on my buttock haha. Hardwork I tell you. Hard work…

I have to get a new set of wardrobe to cater for my changes haha. This is where I started to get frustrated. More worries = more eating, no? I started to realize the need for me to lose some weight when people at work started to talk about my weight to En Hubby. Yes, they don’t have the guts to come straight to my face y’all.

me at 52kg...OMG look at my fatty face
Next entry, I’ll share with you on how I managed to get back to my before-marriage weight.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Masha's Rainbow Party

this entry shall be considered as backdated hehe...my baby masha will turns 14months old in 2 days time and here i am about to update about her first birthday bash...talking about procrastination eyy?

anyhow, the party took place 3 days before my lil masha turned 1 yr old. to tell you the truth, the planning took place less than 1 month. i focused more on the dessert corner than the other details. to come out with the theme was very hard. and we finally agreed to the rainbow theme. why?? because it is easy to have colorful theme than a specific them like cartoon characters etc etc. colorful theme won't limits us :)

the dessert corner was mostly inspired by this website --> http://www.hwtm.com/. it is a very cool website for party planner i would say. HWTM has been on my fav list since then. most of the creative works you saw in the pictures was my lil sis effort. she has the art skills...and the ample time hehehe...thanx Angah! the old school sweets were from this one shop in kampung baru area. don't ask me where. pls ask my sister hehe. she drove us there.

on the dessert corner we have (1) lollipop on the decorated styrofoam, (2) handmade felt rose bouquet made by me, (3) few types of old school sweets (4) rainbow cake deliciously made by my dearest Kak Zai Aziz. the decorated lollipop on the edge of the table was lil sis idea. isn't she the coolest?

hubby and i wore the same color t-shirt, which is purple.we bought the t-shirt from Giant for less than RM15 each. and i was so 'rajin' to sew customized felt letters that spells out Umi & Abi. The birthday girl's outfit was 80% personally prepared by me. the sleeveless romper bought from Mothercare outlet. I sew the number 1 and the love characters, which is actually from felt cloth. The other number 1 character can be found on the buttock area, which were not in below photo :) the peony flower on the headband was my 'air tangan". again it is from felt. i got the pattern from yoonie-at-home. the most interesting part of the birthday girl outfit is the tutu, which i loike loike loike! it is customized with much love again from me hehehe. initially the plan was to purchase from a lady which i found from the internet. but due to some limitation, i decided to do it on my own. of course with lil sis help. we searched for the tutorial on the net, and it is a lot! the materials were bought from a craft shop that i frequently visit. this is by far the most satisfied craft that i've made hehehe *boleh kan masuk bakul angkat sendiri?*

To all who attended, thank you so much guys!! me and my family were very very very happy with your attendance. and of course lil masha loves each and every gifts that she received! *muahs*
more pictures can be viewed in my FB. we took a lot of videos instead of pictures. i'm trying to push my sis to edit the video hehe. once completed, i'll share it here. she did an awesome job with masha akikah video before.

Monday, February 13, 2012

fyuh...it's been ages since i last babbling around in this *beautiful* blog of mine. somehow i lost all the "me" time since masha came into my life. no i'm not complaining. in fact, i'm very much grateful with her presence. i can't thank Allah enough for this greatest gift to me and hubby.

so what's up with my life so far? so far so good i can say. there are things that very much made me a happy Nisa. but there are also things that i somehow regret doing. but then, there is no point to cry over the spilled milk, right? we've just got to move onwards!

i have set 3 main goals for 2012, for which i'll be sharing soon. i do pray that 2012 will be a great year for me and my family.

i have a few entries pending, one of which will be on Masha's first birthday bash. till then, i'll be writing more soon. so stay tune!