Monday, May 2, 2011

all about masha

  • my baby is about four and half months now...time flies really fast!
  • her vocab has increased from aaa, uuu, to maa, baa, am am...etc etc
  • she is a very bubbly and chatty baby
  • loves to smile even to a stranger...makes her the center of attention wherever she goes
  • now knows her name is masha qurnia. she will turns towards anyone who call her by her name
  • can roll-over on her tummy since she was 3 months old
  • loves to pull her leg over every diaper changing session...makes it hard for umi to put her diaper on
  • loves seeing herself in the mirror
  • has started to sleep in her own bed now...that gives umi & abi more space on the bed
  • has started to be bottle-fed since 3 months old, but on condition umi is not around at all. so, she only bottle-fed at her nenek's house, using avent bottle
  • loves her bathe time, especially if the rubber animals accompany her
  • i think one of her teeth is showing out, on the right side
  • is now strong on her feet, loves to jump when being hold upright
  • is still easy to put into bed. alhamdulillah. a milk & a twinkle song session will put her to bed.
  • her motor skills is improving by day. she can hold her toys with both hands.
  • loves to play with ball. she even watch sports news as if she understands it. all thanks to her atuk.
so looking forward to learn new great things with my little masha...