Monday, May 2, 2011

all about masha

  • my baby is about four and half months now...time flies really fast!
  • her vocab has increased from aaa, uuu, to maa, baa, am am...etc etc
  • she is a very bubbly and chatty baby
  • loves to smile even to a stranger...makes her the center of attention wherever she goes
  • now knows her name is masha qurnia. she will turns towards anyone who call her by her name
  • can roll-over on her tummy since she was 3 months old
  • loves to pull her leg over every diaper changing session...makes it hard for umi to put her diaper on
  • loves seeing herself in the mirror
  • has started to sleep in her own bed now...that gives umi & abi more space on the bed
  • has started to be bottle-fed since 3 months old, but on condition umi is not around at all. so, she only bottle-fed at her nenek's house, using avent bottle
  • loves her bathe time, especially if the rubber animals accompany her
  • i think one of her teeth is showing out, on the right side
  • is now strong on her feet, loves to jump when being hold upright
  • is still easy to put into bed. alhamdulillah. a milk & a twinkle song session will put her to bed.
  • her motor skills is improving by day. she can hold her toys with both hands.
  • loves to play with ball. she even watch sports news as if she understands it. all thanks to her atuk.
so looking forward to learn new great things with my little masha...

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

masha and her bottle feeding story

masha was introduced to bottle feeding since day 1. at tmc, she had problem to latch. and i lack the patient to teach her correctly. so day 1 she was being fed with formula (snow brand) by the nurse. day 2 onwards she breastfed but not correctly. until i had a severe nipple sore for more than 2 weeks. at that time, she was being fed with formula once in a while. so she can accept both my b.reast and bottle. every now and then i will feed her ebm in bottle. when we go out during the weekend, she will feed through bottle. until recently during prophet muhammad's birthday, she refuses the bottle. just a week before i will resume my work. i bought Anakku anti-colic initially. she rejected. then i tried avent. again, she rejected. then i tried tommee tippee. she rejected. MAM she rejected. so i'm at dead end as how to feed her through bottle. it does give my MIL a hard time. masha was being fed by spoon. but spoon is very slow. not to mention very little. just imagine, 2oz of ebm by spoon?? so by the 5th spoon feed, masha will get angry and started to sulk. she will resorted to sleeping and refuses to drink anymore. i think she loses a few grams already. and it does worry everyone especially my MIL.

so to all the mommies out there...pls help me to get masha comfortable with bottle feeding. i'm SUPER WORRY about this situation. any tips will do. i'm desperately running out of ideas. a friend suggested Adiri Natural Nurser but it no longer available in Msia for the time being. Spore is the closest place to buy. anyone can help me to buy it immediately?


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Selamat Ulangtahun Ketiga...

  • pejam celik dah masuk anniversary ke-3 Mr & MrsAkmal sebagai sepasang suami isteri. alhamdulillah terima kasih Ya Allah kerana masih diberi peluang untuk bersama. 
  • niat di hati nak coretkan kisah percintaan kami berdua. tapi masa masih tidak mengizinkan. mungkin di lain entry, inshaallah.
  • tahun ke-3 orang selalu cakap antara tahun yang mencabar dalam relationship. reason: sudah bosan dengan each other. percaya ke? btol ke?
  • tapi alhamdulillah. tahun ke-3 kami dikurniakan seorang cahaya mata: Masha Qurnia. jadi untuk rasa bosan itu mungkin mustahil. kerana kami ada orang baru :) oh entry baru khas untuk kelahiran Masha nanti ye...
  • terima kasih MrAkmal kerana sentiasa berada di sisi. terutama di saat kesusahan. melayan kerenah MrsAkmal. yang penting sekali, terima kasih kerana menjadi sahabat baik yang sejati :) terima kasih kerana menjadi suami yang sangat memahami dan abi yang sangat penyayang...

Happy 3rd Anniversary, sayang....