Sunday, December 12, 2010

afternoon chat

i am still waiting for the moment...the labor moment :) i have started taking leaves since last week as i couldn't bear the tiredness of having to entertain people at work. am happily into my 39 weeks of pregnancy. had started to have mild contraction every now and then. but that's all about it. no unbearable painful yet.

i wanted to jot down about my pregnancy. so in the future, i can go back and read about my journey. this journal is solely for my own reference (and hubby & the baby inshaallah)...


this pregnancy is a much awaited pregnancy for both hubby & i. we have been trying to conceive (TTC) since end of 2008. i had my previous pregnancy in June 2008. unfortunately i had to miss-abort the fetus at 12 weeks of pregnancy as he has stopped developing. yes, it was devastated for both of us but life must goes on. we TTC manually with the help of clomid & folic acid but to no avail. until in the early of Jan 2010, Allah finally showed us the way. I was diagnosed with PCOS and straight away were sent to do LPOD. Alhamdulillah, 2 months after the operation, we finally managed to get pregnant spontaneously. great news for both of us and our families. but we tried to not go overboard with the joy.

the first 3 months of pregnancy weren't as smooth as i want it to be. at 10 weeks, i had a bleeding and was rushed to TMC's ER. i specifically remember that day. it was saturday afternoon, we were at tmn. desa having our car waxed & polished. i did a lot of walking that morning. plus the week before, i helped to push the car as hubby 'brilliantly' got the car stucked on the roadside of my hometown. long story short, i was in the toilet and saw some blood spotting. i freaked out but still trying to maintain my coolness. as i told hubby about the spotting, we both were speechless. the previous tragedy came crawling back into my mind. i didn't cry as i already prepared myself for any bad consequences. at TMC's ER, the spotting turned into red-colored blood. the doc-on-call didn't know what to do with me. so he contacted my doc. after some checking, i was given premarin injection to support the pregnancy and was told to come back on monday. it was a long weekend for me. on monday, i was told the baby is doing great. however, i still need to receive premarin injection once per 3 days to support the pregnancy until i reached 13 weeks. the needle has become close friend to my buttock which turned blue after so much of injection. alhamdulillah, i passed another test. God's test to me.

at 3 months of pregnancy, my blood reading showed 11.3mmol/L after completed the diabetes test. again, i was put to another test. this time, gestational diabetes. i took it patiently. i was told to control my diet. i even had to see the dietitian every month to track on my progress. probing my little fingers for blood reading everyday has become my routine. but alhamdulillah, all the while my reading never went beyond 8mmol/L even with plenty of rice & sweet things i consumed everyday. so i guess i made a mistake in the first place. i should have drink a lot of plain water and possibly go to the toilet before taking the first reading so i won't have to go thru the hassle of diabetes watch-out. well, lesson learned. next pregnancy, make sure consume a lot of plain water after drinking the sugar high orange glucose drink to stay away from high reading. anyway, who says the glucose drink was yuckie? mine was so delicious!! it tasted like carbonated orange drink hehe.

thru out the pregnancy, i suffered no morning sickness. alhamdulillah. but i am allergic to obimin, the pre-natal vitamin. everytime i consumed obimin, i would suffer severe headache and vomit and sweating like there is no one's business. so i was prescribed sango-bion instead. i can still walk very fast until i approached 36 weeks of pregnancy. i  had no trouble with swollen elephant feet until i reached 38 weeks. the only thing that i suffered was wardrobe malfunction hahahaha. my belly grows very quickly i need to have new maternity attire every month, so to speak.

baby's first kick kicked-in as early as 18 weeks of pregnancy if i'm not mistaken. she hasn't stop kicking eversince and it became very active during the night. now at 39 weeks, she still managed to surprise me with her full swing karate motion. at 4 months of pregnancy, i looked like a heavily pregnant woman as my body frame was petite. i started to receive the "bile-nak-due-ni" question as early at 28 weeks of pregnancy.

hubby & i have prepared our baby for her future. we signed up for PRUmy child plan including PRUearly start plan. with the increase in health cost, having an insurance coverage is essential to help with the medical care. the best thing is, my baby's education plan will also be covered in this policy.

so that's my pregnancy story. i hope when my baby is able to read this, she will appreciate what i've gone thru. all the pain, all the money, all the energy.

i thot with gestational diabetes, i can trick my doc into pushing me for early labor, induced labor. but as the doc said, baby's doing great, mommy's healthy. there is no reason for induce labor. just need to wait patiently for the natural pain to kick-in. i hope by next week, i can deliver the great news to everyone. i am secretly praying for everything to go as smooth as it can. and hopefully it will be a normal delivery with no other complication.

until then, please pray for me...


  1. aminn...dimudahkan urusan...insyaAllah...

  2. just a note: a GDM always find that glucose drink is tasty :) mine too tasted good and i am a GDM mom.

    u shud keep that below 6. my experience, towards end to my pregnancy the sugar control went haywire (bcos i walk less - berat weihh nak angkat bontot!! hahah) and of course the body stress (as wht the gynae told me). with that, my air ketuban increased.. whoaa really banjir lah labour suite masa tu. hahaha

    a GDM mom will always look for sweet things. org ckp 'kuat mkn manis sbb tu diabetes', but saya tak agree. the diabetes make us wants more sweets. really!

    but i dont mind jadi GDM mom lagi, sbb i keep track my food and i look better during pregnancy than now. :P

    have a good labour nisa. it will always be a good and memorable one. it is very sakit tapi worth of every pain. :D

    yg penting. MAKAN before labour!! tak kisah la takde selera ke apa. sumbat saje. i almost (or maybe dah) blackout sbb penat + no energy.

    minta maaf dgn hubby and parents before labour. :) good luck!

  3. urgh...dah nak dekat2 time ni perasan selera makan dah kurang...kalo dulu bole abeskn 2 keping roti canai, skang sekeping stgh pon mcm susah nak abeskn...
    tq kak tuty for all the tips :) saya tak sabar nak meneran dah ni hahaha...poyo je...sialp2 nanti serik dah nak preggy lg hehehe....

  4. haha serik? will never serik! you'll miss baby smell, baby talk, baby this baby that, once diorg dah besar.

    my 2nd labor is lagi sakit dari yg first. now ada sikit rasa 'horrified' tp i am looking fwd to more babies. haha ingat balik rasa mcm seram sejuk je. :P

    labor is a BIG thing. so kena positive je spjg masa. only mothers could endure them. :D