Thursday, October 7, 2010

i'm actually into my 29weeks of time flies so fast...i felt like it was just yesterday that i found out i was pregnant. anyhow, i'm now looking like a 9month pregnant lady. i've gained 9kgs so far. baby is of the size she is supposed to be. so i don't know how can my belly look that big. is it because of my petite frame? could be hmm...

today, hubby told me that my mom-in-law said that women can go to normal labor as early as 32weeks. is like 3 weeks away from now. question is, am i really really ready? seriously, i'm not ready..mentally, physically. heck, i haven't got the time to shop for baby stuff yet *sob sob sob* i really really need to stick with the newborn checklist this time.

tapi stroller, car seat, breast pump dah beli mase mega sale last 2 months :) *suke suke* sangat determine nih nak didik anak pasal safety since baby lagi. baby cot not yet. apparels baru ade 3 sets. diapers not yet. toiletries not yet. aish...looks like there are a lot more to go...we've bought single bed for our middle room. for preparation my grandma staying over during my confinement period. but the house is yet to be kemas. suddenly panic sebab i still have a lot more to do huhu...

i haven't had the chance to enrol in any antenatal class. but i'm lucky as my grandma is a kampung midwife and my MIL is a nurse. so that took care of my confinement items & antenatal class hehe. probably will deliver at tropicana. still under the care of dr. surinder. costs a bomb to us. and a year of savings. but i think its all worth it. it better be...

and honestly, i haven't done much research or reading about pregnancy or motherhood. all i did for the past 7 months was to just go with the flow and have a first hand experience on everything.

Ya Allah, permudahkanlah segala urusanku nanti...


  1. ur company tak cover for maternity? hmm sama la company lama saya tu. electronic industry.. ehhehe

    dont worry so much. yup betul bole go into labor as early as 32wk. err skrg pun bole? but ckp dgn baby hari2 that pls behave, kalau tak nnt kena duduk incubator lama2.. hhehe

    motherhood? it comes to you naturally (with little guidance).. as for me, i read a lot and accept org tua punya advices too mana yg relevant. i'm not into petua org tua sgt, mana yg logik, saya pakai.. sometimes ada petua yg sgt radikal.. hahahhaha seriously tak tipu~!!

    if you want to ask anything i am too happy too help. yay for breastfeeding! :) ada byk lagi.. cloth-diapering, babywearing, homemade food, bla bla.. takpe, you'll learn. hehe

  2. kak tuty, jarang la ade kilang elektronik yg cover maternity. unless keje kilang glc ke :) tp at least kilang baru ni bagi gak la token sebyk rm500 + rm100 voucher pas beranak nanti. kilang lame dulu rm300 je die bagi.

    i dun even have the time to read pon :( kat ofis internet mmg takde access. balek umah mmg dah flat langsung sbb travel sejam. aish...belaja sendiri je la nanti...

    takpe inshaallah...mother instinct hopefully will come naturally to me. saya ni kasar orgnya hahaha...

  3. Waa u r lucky!! At least ada token. Guess what, pan.aso.nic xde lgsg!! X tau pun kilang lain ada dpt. Haha

    Try tp read a lil bit so u got some idea on bf ke, childbirth ke. Try cari "what to expect when you are expecting". Buku tu byk mcm FAQ je. Senang nk paham. Some basics of breastfeeding pun ada. Yg penting kena tau stages of labor so nnt x panic. Hehe nnt kalau dh beli terus je skip ke belakang. It helps, at least for me.

  4. insyaAllah...dimudahkan...ape2 inform OK...tropicana kat kota damansara ye?!!