Monday, April 5, 2010

weekend well spent

My weekend was well spent. 

Saturday I attended the pertandingan manik piala ftimdc at dewan tun rahah. Didn’t participate in the pertandingan. I was there just to observe. Maybe I’ll join next year hehe. Went there with Ana. Met a lot of beaders. Only a few familiar faces. I think I need to do the facebook networking to broaden my circle of friends.
bersama Pn RJ yang di admire sume beaders...

Sunday was a day full of infinite adrenalin rush. Got the corporate suite pass to watch F1. thanks to dearest mom and her big network connection. Love u mom!! Next year I wanna go again ye? Hehehe…anyhow, our suite was just across Webber’s & Vettel’s pit. Lunch and high tea provided and hubby and I were surrounded by big names from the automotive industry. Anyhow, watching the race from inside the glass was no fun. You didn’t get the experience of gegendang & whole body bergetar while the cars passes you by. So hubby and I went out to the open seating area. Oh man…I love it! The sound. The feeling. The crowd. The drivers. The starting point. Got to see Hamilton, Button, Schumacher, Webber, Vettel do their pit stop. Too bad Schumacher was out in the earlier laps. But kudos to the Lotus F1 team for their performance. Can I be one of the gadis litar next year? I wanna be the one holding umbrella for Vettel or Webber hehehe. Or can I be one of the lucky kiddos who got the chance to ask a question to the drivers? If chosen, what would my golden question be like? Anyhow, enjoy some of the not-so-beautiful pictures taken by my amateur set of hands
us outside...

view from the corporate suite...

the winners' pit area

the lucky kids interview the drivers

the start of the adrenalin rush...

Hamilton making the stop

Schumacher making the stop before he was out 

prize giving ceremony by our PM
p/s: i will upload a video once i have more free time :)