Friday, January 1, 2010

sewing project: beg telekung & cover sewing machine

two more sewing projects completed to officiate the opening of 2010 haha....
1. beg telekung: to replace my kepam beg telekung dekat ofis. so next week i'll be showing off my handwork hehe

2. cover sewing machine: nak make sure my sewing machine is not covered with dust instead :)

and oh this is my sewing corner courtesy of hubby dearest *love u*

and here is my lil cute assistant...

siap grooming badan lagi atas kain aku...

selamat tahun baru anda semua!!!

p/s: i accidently bought 3 metres of fabric from IKEA recently. hence the same fabric to all my least few more to come hahaha...


  1. cantiknye beg telekung!!!!i <3

  2. farah...mmg nampak cantek sbb kain die cantek bile tgk dekat2..ya allah benang berselirat sana sini hahaha

    kak the fabrics too. nak gi ikea lg borong kene tunggu 3mtr tu abes dulu haha