Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ada apa dengan PCOS?

remember this post about me being at Tropicana Medical Center? well, i have received a few concerns from dear friends and families. asking me about my well being. at first, i was so reluctant to share about the news. however, after much thought, i think with me sharing this will help a lot of people out there that has the same problem as mine.

my meeting with Dr. Surinder Singh sometimes last 2 weeks gave hubby and i some hopes. he was a very kind and thorough doctor. i like him purposely because he didn't hide anything from his patient. after a few abdomen & vaginal ultrasound scan, i was diagnosed with Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

PCOS is a problem in which women's hormones are out of balance. the signs or symptoms of this problems are: acne, weight gain & trouble losing weight, irregular period, fertility problem, miscarriage and depression. in my case, i suffered from weight gain, irregular period & trouble to get pregnant. my main concern was trouble to get pregnant. after the miss-abortion case last Aug 2008, hubby and i have been trying very hard TTC up to the point i almost gave up and stress about the whole TTC period. we tried clomiphene, premarin and several injections but to no avail. several blood tests and x-ray confirms that we have no problem TTC except my period cycle is not the average 28days cycle. mine varies from 28 to 33 days even with the help of clomiphene. so it is very hard to determine the exact time to TTC. and ovulation test kit never been any help to me. and my history of cysts contribute a lot to the fact that i'm having PCOS.

To TTC, Dr. Surinder gave us 3 options; (1) Laparoscopic ovarian drilling procedure, (2) IUI, and (3) IVF. option 2 requires us to have at least RM2,000 in hand per treatment and the success rate of pregnancy is only 30% with PCOS problem. option 3 requires us to have at least RM20,000 in hand per treatment and the success rate of pregnancy is only 60% with PCOS problem. option 1 requires us to have RM8,000 in hand for the procedure and the success rate of pregnancy is 70%. the best thing about option 1 are it eliminates the root cause of the problem and the procedure is covered by insurance. as much as i want to avoid any surgery, this is by far the best option for us.

and so, what is this laparoscopic ovarian drilling? it is a minor surgical treatment that is usually done through small incision (laparoscopy), with general anesthesia. Dr Surinder made 3 small incisions; one at my navel, one at the right side of my abdomen near the ovary (i think), and another one just above my cervix area (i think). they inflated my abdomen with a small amount of Co2 so that work can be done easily without damaging my internal organs. three procedures were done on me during this time of the surgery. (1) D&C procedure whereby my cervix area is washed and cleaned to eliminate any unwanted mucous. result: no abnormal or unwanted mucous. great. (2) Dye injection whereby to see if there is any blockage in my fallopian tube. result: no blockage. great. (3) the ovarian drilling. Dr Surinder made 9 holes each at both of my ovaries. this will help the hormones to enter the ovaries. result: no implication. great.

my own experience:
i was pushed into the OT at around 1:30PM 11/1/10. well, not literally push. i walked into the OT myself actually. The last thing i saw was the anesthesiologist poking my left hand and insert some kind of white fluid. i was hoping to see some JDs & Turks in action but there were non like them. pftt. ok result from too much of watching Scrubs. that time, the clock showed 1:40PM. the next thing i know, i was moaning with pain and shivering like there is no tomorrow at the recovery bay. the helpful Nurse Salmah had to cover my body with 3 layers of blanket. 3 layers i tell u!! clock showed it was 4:00PM. it took about 3-4mins for the painkiller to take effect before i dozed off again. and it was the longest period of my time. not able to move my body to sleep in a comfortable position. had to bite my upper lip to hold stand the after-effect pain until i hurt my upper lip. and couldn't say a word to my hubby or little sister. oh i felt so helpless. masa ni terfikir la betapa dugaan Allah itu hanya untuk hamba-hambanya yang terpilih. but surprisingly, i didn't cry. atta girl!! and i was discharged 3 days later. a week after, i came to TMC for follow-up and remove the stiches. Dr. Surinder also showed us the video of the operation. i didn't bring the video home tho. however managed to find a similar video in the net.

alhamdulillah, i'm recovering well. thank u hubby for ur endless support and love. thank u ma & abah for ur time. thank u angah & adik for ur support, visit and companionship. thank u MIL, FIL, SIL, BIL, nephews for ur visit. thank u friends for the visit. thank u all for the prayers and wishes :)

oh and i like TMC so much. it felt like home spending 2 nites alone. the food was awesome. tak langsung rasa mcm makanan hospital. no smell of medicine or whatsoever. and the facilities i could say a world-class one! i love it so much it makes me want to deliver my future baby(ies) there hahaha.... 

his and her bag, ready for the sleep-in
before: at the preparation unit
after: recuperating at recovering bay

I'm now PCOS-free!!! *inshaallah*


  1. knisa!i baca dengan penuh semangat!!!berdebar2 i nak tau keputusan procedure tu.alhamdulillah everything went smooth.

    all the best knisa!i pray that whatever u wish for will be granted soon, insyaAllah.yang penting stay +ve k!!

    take care!xoxo

  2. Nisa,
    Alhamdullilah things went well. I've been with PCOS since life after school with twice removal of cysts year 2000 and 20009 (lama-lama jadik alah bisa tegal biasa) ..

  3. farah nadz, thanks!! :)

    k.syu, episod sy bukak jahitan lg horror dr the surgery itself hahaha.siap menjerit2 sbb seriau.padahal tak rs pape pon hehehe dramatic sungguh

  4. Glad you are ok, Nisa. Aku baca simptoms tuh mcm like I have some je. How do I determine that I have it for real or not?

  5. hida, if u r having irregular period, then u should go n see ur gynae.it might be due to cyst...or multiple cyst (PCOS) which kalo diabaikan could possibly lead to other problems. jgn terlambat like me ;)

  6. Salam K.Nisa,

    Alhamdulillah everything went well =) saya silent reader blog k.nisa. lama tak menjengah, glad u're ok =) doanya Allah permudahkan segalanya utk K.Nisa dan mudah2an Allah berikan yang terbaik utk akak dan suami.

    Take care.