Wednesday, December 23, 2009

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my h/p that i've been using for almost 2 yrs now (since i got married) the one given by hubby dearest as mas kahwin suddenly turned it back on me. all the receive/cancel/delete buttons are not functioning at all. so i can't receive or reject any call. i can't delete any info. and the spare h/p at home is in a bad condition. so i've to be very careful with it. argh where can i fork out $$$!!! *sigh* my bonus has gone to paying for zakat pendapatan and put into savings account. sayang la plak nak gunakan savings for new h/p.

things are not going so smoothly for me lately. turned out my biggest wish hasn't come in realize yet. have been waiting for it for more than a year now. apparently my prayers aren't enough. apparently my effort has been put to waste.

as if that is not enough for me, my personal doctor announced that she is retiring at the end of the year *sigh* why wouldn't she told me earlier. she suggested that i go to damansara for my follow-up. that means more late arrival to office or even more annual leave needed *sigh* not a good thing for me as the stupid boss will use this reason to cut on my bonus *another sigh*
*loud sigh before i end this entry*

lucky i always have my bestfriend by my side all the time. man, thank u for lending me your shoulder. thank u for your hugs n kisses. love u a lot mrakmal!

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