Wednesday, December 30, 2009

tracing down the ancestors

i wasn't aware of my root before. all i knew was my dad is a javanese and my paternal grandparents have been in Malaysia for God knows how long. not getting the chance to meet my late great grandparents top up to the grey area of my ancestry. i have no idea which part of Indonesia my ancestors came from. even i am not aware of the fact that i am the 4th generation of the late Tumiaton & Hj Md Nor family.

unlike hubby's family who even have their own big family tree and has the effort to reconcile the family in Malaysia and Indonesia. heck, they even have a yearly family gathering. which i find is a very interesting event as you get to meet more people from your own family.

but recently, thanks to my uncle, our family in Malaysia managed to track down our other family members in Indonesia. and he came out with our own version of family tree. and, last weekend mark a history in my calendar as i get to meet my auntie for the first time ever in my life. she's from Dumai visiting her daughter in Batu Pahat.

turned out, my paternal grandmother's dad was the eldest brother to my late paternal grandfather's mom. you get the picture, no? i know, it's that complicated. they married relatives and so it was the style those days. my ancestors were from Pacitan Regency located in the East Java province. my late great grandfather was a rich man those day. so he travelled a lot to and forth Malaysia-Indonesia. two of my late grandfather's sibling were born in Indonesia and the rest were born in Malaysia, including my late grandfather. hence, some of my relatives are currently living in the Riau province. my late grandfather had seven siblings (if i'm not mistaken).

if time premitted, i'll put up my family tree up here. meanwhile, enjoy this picture of our small family gathering.

that's my aunt from Dumai (in green baju kurung)

my uncle (in white) filling up the family tree of their family

the younger generations

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