Tuesday, December 29, 2009

so much to say, yet so damn lazy to compose nicely

hence i will do it chedet style ;)
  • felt so refreshed after the jogging session yesterday. need to put this on my new resolutions.
  • found out my ancestors were from Riau, Sumatera
  • 2009 is coming to its end. i can't remember my resolutions haha. or is there any?
  • not much traveling done but the big one would be Perth
  • haven't been good to my faith. hence this has been on top of my list of new resolutions
  • managed to fulfill my responsibility by paying the zakat pendapatan to LZS
  • closed down unnecessary credit card. hence less hutang and more savings. yeay!
  • shed a few kgs and had to korek my old clothes in the store hehe

  • 2010 will be full with sewing activities. curtains, tablecloth, begs, pyjama etc. oh i'm so excited!
  • 2nd wedding anniversary is just 2 weeks away. can't believe how time flies by so fast
  • new resolutions include more sujud to The Creator The Almighty & paying zakat pendapatan monthly
  • also start savings for Umrah & Hajj inshaallah
  • hopefully to add on new family member (or members perhaps?)
  • jogging session is to be actively carried out in 2010 (hahaha will see)
  • oh the 10yr gathering planning not to forget
  • and more to come in 2010
  • nanti la later sambung lagi. rite now need to force myself to complete my works.

p/s: dah bayar zakat pendapatan, zakat emas, zakat perniagaan etc?? jangan pula sibuk menjaja ke sana ke sini gaji berbelas berpuluh ribu sebulan tapi tanggungjawab sebagai seorang muslim lupa nak ditunaikan. masih ada 2 hari lagi. additional kaunter zakat pon dibuka sepanjang dec ini. go go go!! you'll get freebies too. that's what i heard. i didn't get mine tho as paid thru online.

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