Saturday, December 19, 2009

my wishes came true

remember this post about my wish list? apparently hubby loves me so much he decided to present me with earlier 2nd anniversary gifts :)

so i was contemplating on which model of sewing machine to buy. i even post a promotion from this company in my previous post.we went to the max extend of going to bdr damai perdana to search for LSN. we even got lost along our journey as we both were not very familiar with Cheras/Balakong area. the indian salesman was very helpful in attending to all my questions. he even kindly showed or taught me how to use the machine. i settled for Brother XL-2630. i was told this machine is suitable for beginners. just like me.
  • sewing machine wish #1 came true

so one wish came true. and then remember how i so wanted to have my own collection of sewing books?well gues what. i managed to stock myself up with 5 books after going thru hassle of visiting one bookshop after another.
  • DIY sewing project books wish #2 came true

from the sifu

my fav!!
  • sewing corner wish #3 came true and hubby also made me a small sewing corner in the middle room for me to practice my hand & foot work :) he bought me this cute study table eventho i insisted on using the kitchen table that we already had in the store room. see, i told you he loves me so much :p
and all i'm left with is the crash course. was thinking of learning it from my aunt, Ibu Aton or enroll myself with FTIMdc. hmm...that i shall start to plan from now.

oh i'm a happy bee and i shall start making myself busy just like a queen bee. there's so much thing i want to do starting with the curtains.

~la la la la la la~

opps...dearest hubby, thank you very much for your support (and the money hehe). i love you!!


  1. Good job, nisa! I wish u all the much the hubby spent for that sewing machine? By the way, just to inform that u can take sewing course from Kolej's only RM5 per session (4hrs),but the schedule may not suit our working hours(mostly they do on weekdays) plus it's not crash course...happy stitching!

  2. sewing m/c cost us about RM760 (offer price). sewing table cost us about RM140. sewing books...i lost track of it hehe.
    dah checked out the kolej komuniti. their schedule suits more to the housewife or yang keje bukan normal hour hehe.
    am thinking of getting the course from my sifu la kot kat kompleks 3C subang tu. dekat sket
    arn...bile nak ketemu lg ni?

  3. mane nak tgk ur kerja tgn k.lysh? ;)

  4. zip mmg susah sket la kan.. hehe.. saya tak suka buat zip :P

    hmmm *bila la my wish nak jadi termakbul ni?*

  5. kak tuty...what is ur wish?? :)

  6. Hahaha got got...but very shy ...
    Will take a pic and show it to you, in private ofcourse