Wednesday, December 2, 2009

E Numbers

this keropok udang rota as picture above used to be my favorite. of course i have to curi-curi makan as abah strictly ban his kids from eating jajan. so today i received a forwarded email saying the ingredient of E110 inside the keropok is non-halal because it contains pig fat. i've never take any forwarded email so serious because i know the sender is just merely sending the email without checking on the rightness of it. but with this kind of email get me curious because it has got something to do with halal issue. ok but i'm a bit confuse sebab on the keropok itself has halal sign and yet this person claims that it contains pig fat. hmm...time for some studying. so i go online to check on the status of E110 (Sunset Yellow FCF).
well guess what i found here?? E110 is indeed halal because it comes from the source of synthetic or chemical. damn you people yang suka forward2 email. do your study dulu la!!
anyway, this website is very useful. go check it out y'all.

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