Wednesday, December 30, 2009

tracing down the ancestors

i wasn't aware of my root before. all i knew was my dad is a javanese and my paternal grandparents have been in Malaysia for God knows how long. not getting the chance to meet my late great grandparents top up to the grey area of my ancestry. i have no idea which part of Indonesia my ancestors came from. even i am not aware of the fact that i am the 4th generation of the late Tumiaton & Hj Md Nor family.

unlike hubby's family who even have their own big family tree and has the effort to reconcile the family in Malaysia and Indonesia. heck, they even have a yearly family gathering. which i find is a very interesting event as you get to meet more people from your own family.

but recently, thanks to my uncle, our family in Malaysia managed to track down our other family members in Indonesia. and he came out with our own version of family tree. and, last weekend mark a history in my calendar as i get to meet my auntie for the first time ever in my life. she's from Dumai visiting her daughter in Batu Pahat.

turned out, my paternal grandmother's dad was the eldest brother to my late paternal grandfather's mom. you get the picture, no? i know, it's that complicated. they married relatives and so it was the style those days. my ancestors were from Pacitan Regency located in the East Java province. my late great grandfather was a rich man those day. so he travelled a lot to and forth Malaysia-Indonesia. two of my late grandfather's sibling were born in Indonesia and the rest were born in Malaysia, including my late grandfather. hence, some of my relatives are currently living in the Riau province. my late grandfather had seven siblings (if i'm not mistaken).

if time premitted, i'll put up my family tree up here. meanwhile, enjoy this picture of our small family gathering.

that's my aunt from Dumai (in green baju kurung)

my uncle (in white) filling up the family tree of their family

the younger generations

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

so much to say, yet so damn lazy to compose nicely

hence i will do it chedet style ;)
  • felt so refreshed after the jogging session yesterday. need to put this on my new resolutions.
  • found out my ancestors were from Riau, Sumatera
  • 2009 is coming to its end. i can't remember my resolutions haha. or is there any?
  • not much traveling done but the big one would be Perth
  • haven't been good to my faith. hence this has been on top of my list of new resolutions
  • managed to fulfill my responsibility by paying the zakat pendapatan to LZS
  • closed down unnecessary credit card. hence less hutang and more savings. yeay!
  • shed a few kgs and had to korek my old clothes in the store hehe

  • 2010 will be full with sewing activities. curtains, tablecloth, begs, pyjama etc. oh i'm so excited!
  • 2nd wedding anniversary is just 2 weeks away. can't believe how time flies by so fast
  • new resolutions include more sujud to The Creator The Almighty & paying zakat pendapatan monthly
  • also start savings for Umrah & Hajj inshaallah
  • hopefully to add on new family member (or members perhaps?)
  • jogging session is to be actively carried out in 2010 (hahaha will see)
  • oh the 10yr gathering planning not to forget
  • and more to come in 2010
  • nanti la later sambung lagi. rite now need to force myself to complete my works.

p/s: dah bayar zakat pendapatan, zakat emas, zakat perniagaan etc?? jangan pula sibuk menjaja ke sana ke sini gaji berbelas berpuluh ribu sebulan tapi tanggungjawab sebagai seorang muslim lupa nak ditunaikan. masih ada 2 hari lagi. additional kaunter zakat pon dibuka sepanjang dec ini. go go go!! you'll get freebies too. that's what i heard. i didn't get mine tho as paid thru online.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

i'm staying in the world's No. 5 friendliest country

yup you read me right. Malaysia has been voted as the No. 5 friendliest country in the world.
you can read it here and here and here for more.
now tell me. are you proud to be a Malaysian??

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

untitled title

my h/p that i've been using for almost 2 yrs now (since i got married) the one given by hubby dearest as mas kahwin suddenly turned it back on me. all the receive/cancel/delete buttons are not functioning at all. so i can't receive or reject any call. i can't delete any info. and the spare h/p at home is in a bad condition. so i've to be very careful with it. argh where can i fork out $$$!!! *sigh* my bonus has gone to paying for zakat pendapatan and put into savings account. sayang la plak nak gunakan savings for new h/p.

things are not going so smoothly for me lately. turned out my biggest wish hasn't come in realize yet. have been waiting for it for more than a year now. apparently my prayers aren't enough. apparently my effort has been put to waste.

as if that is not enough for me, my personal doctor announced that she is retiring at the end of the year *sigh* why wouldn't she told me earlier. she suggested that i go to damansara for my follow-up. that means more late arrival to office or even more annual leave needed *sigh* not a good thing for me as the stupid boss will use this reason to cut on my bonus *another sigh*
*loud sigh before i end this entry*

lucky i always have my bestfriend by my side all the time. man, thank u for lending me your shoulder. thank u for your hugs n kisses. love u a lot mrakmal!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

my very first sewing project: make-up bag

my hands were very itchy tonite so i decided to give the sewing machine a try hehe. yup baru nak start godek2 the machine. decided to make a simple project: make-up bag.
so here is the outcome...

i'm not 100% satisfied with the outcome. the zipper part was the hardest for me. need more practice on this. and my hands were still shaking and keras macam kayu. well...a good start for a person who never knew how to use a sewing machine before, right?

Saturday, December 19, 2009

my wishes came true

remember this post about my wish list? apparently hubby loves me so much he decided to present me with earlier 2nd anniversary gifts :)

so i was contemplating on which model of sewing machine to buy. i even post a promotion from this company in my previous post.we went to the max extend of going to bdr damai perdana to search for LSN. we even got lost along our journey as we both were not very familiar with Cheras/Balakong area. the indian salesman was very helpful in attending to all my questions. he even kindly showed or taught me how to use the machine. i settled for Brother XL-2630. i was told this machine is suitable for beginners. just like me.
  • sewing machine wish #1 came true

so one wish came true. and then remember how i so wanted to have my own collection of sewing books?well gues what. i managed to stock myself up with 5 books after going thru hassle of visiting one bookshop after another.
  • DIY sewing project books wish #2 came true

from the sifu

my fav!!
  • sewing corner wish #3 came true and hubby also made me a small sewing corner in the middle room for me to practice my hand & foot work :) he bought me this cute study table eventho i insisted on using the kitchen table that we already had in the store room. see, i told you he loves me so much :p
and all i'm left with is the crash course. was thinking of learning it from my aunt, Ibu Aton or enroll myself with FTIMdc. hmm...that i shall start to plan from now.

oh i'm a happy bee and i shall start making myself busy just like a queen bee. there's so much thing i want to do starting with the curtains.

~la la la la la la~

opps...dearest hubby, thank you very much for your support (and the money hehe). i love you!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

kali ke-2 friday cuti

esok adalah friday ke-2 cuti utk bulan Dec. yeay!! ni yang seronoknya keje kat selangor ni. dapat cuti aje keje nya. ape ek nak buat long weekend ni? nak jln pon, hubby mcm dah ban aku dr berjln *sedih* last week spent masa kat bookshop hehehe. this week pon mcm rs nak tabur duit kat bookshop lg la. almaklumla kan. 2009 dah nak abes. kalo tak beli buku byk2, rugi woo tak buat tax exemption ;) ni yg skang tgh pulun beli buku byk2 buat semak umah.

eh inciktaktaopape jd follower saya la hahaha. weh..bile mau buat cheese tart ini? oh 1 lg, aku butuhkan pertolongan ko utk prepare chicken chop keskeskes

Friday, December 11, 2009

Calling all Sohabat9600 girls...

To all Sohabat9600 girls;

come and check out our official pit stop to keep us updated with the latest news regarding our 10th anniversary gathering.

we need your vote for the amount that you are willing to pay for this gathering (amount inclusive everything for Sohabat9600 ye)

also, please give me your current contact no. and email address/home address for the purpose of updating our database. Shoot the info to either ainunnisa[at] or my facebook (search Nisa Ahmad-Yasir if you are not on my friend list yet)

please please please spread the news to others as we need all of us to attend it if possible. the more the merrier righttt?? use your email. use your facebook. use your blog. use whatever that you can ye!! :)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

promosi kembali lagi!!!

yeah!!! electrical promotion dekat The Company is back. same old same old items. ape ek nak beli this time? rsnye mcm dah lengkap kat umah tuh. smart electric kettle pon ok gak kan. hubby mencadangkan lcd tv utk bedroom kami. bukan utk menonton tv. tapi utk main game sementara nak tunggu rasa mengantuk. trus aku kate, jgn mengada!! haha sbb die je yg bole guna tv tu. mottainai ne...

special gift dengar2 cite dapat monday depan. pastu khamis nye plak dapat gaji. oh macam double je income bulan ini. alhamdulillah. tapi jenuh korek2 kat sume orang bape management willing to give us. no one has the answer yet. or they were made to keep their mouth shut. hmm...takpe la. janji orang dah bagi SG pon dah ok kan. kami predict selepas distribute slip SG, trus HR akan terima banyak resign letter. haha...

ok, nisa nak sambung buat line balance *boring!!*

Friday, December 4, 2009

Its budget time again!!

and here i am still stuck with the office work *well, literally now i'm taking my 5mins rest* not in the office tho. decided to bring the work home. oh yeah! suddenly nisa is so rajin to do her work. how unlucky of me to have do the company budget twice a year when other people have the luxury of doing theirs once a year. semiconductor business is so full of drama you know. today they say white. the next day it suddenly change to black. aiya!! and here i am merapu when i should be doing my work

syoh syoh nisa. gambarimashio!!!


dulu, saya tak letak follower button kat blog ni sebab saya rasa takde orang kot nak follow blog saya haha. sebab memang niat saya blog utk personal diary la lebih kurang. bukan untuk beritahu semua orang tentang aktiviti saya setiap saat.

pastu baru-baru ni saya perasan bila bukak dashboard, dah ade 1 follower. tapi bile klik, tak muncul plak sape orang tuh. so saya assume die follow blog saya secara private kot *ke suami saya sendiri sebenarnya yang jadi secret follower saya? haha*

pastu hari ni saya tengok, dah ade 2 followers. mak suka nyah!! bila klik tgk, eh ihsan rupanye. hi ihsan!! *waving hands at ihsan* btw loves your pictures. i meant gamba2 yang u snap la haha

haha tak sangka ade orang nak follow what i write ;) sebab i sendiri ngaku dan perasan i'm sucks at writing u see. when i talk, i talk straight to the point. other people might need 10 mins to finally bring you to the right point. but i just simply go to you and say a single sentence which contains everything haha. paham tak? *garu kepala*

thank u very much! and with that, i decided to add the follower button to my sidebar. mane la tau kan kot2 bertambah lagi *well...walaupon daku tau itu adalah sesuatu yang mustahil* tapi lagi syok kalo blog manik i bertambah followers. dan bertambah orders haha walaupon berat hati ini untuk menjahit dek kekangan masa hohoho

Thursday, December 3, 2009

bold statement



p/s: darling i'm in desperate need of your comfort hug. can i borrow your shoulder to cry on?

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

E Numbers

this keropok udang rota as picture above used to be my favorite. of course i have to curi-curi makan as abah strictly ban his kids from eating jajan. so today i received a forwarded email saying the ingredient of E110 inside the keropok is non-halal because it contains pig fat. i've never take any forwarded email so serious because i know the sender is just merely sending the email without checking on the rightness of it. but with this kind of email get me curious because it has got something to do with halal issue. ok but i'm a bit confuse sebab on the keropok itself has halal sign and yet this person claims that it contains pig fat. hmm...time for some studying. so i go online to check on the status of E110 (Sunset Yellow FCF).
well guess what i found here?? E110 is indeed halal because it comes from the source of synthetic or chemical. damn you people yang suka forward2 email. do your study dulu la!!
anyway, this website is very useful. go check it out y'all.