Monday, November 30, 2009


my current wishlist for Christmas (boleh tak?) are:
  • sewing machine. any brand would do for me. but of course quality itu penting. and i need a sewing machine for beginners. i plan to use it for my baju kurung, hubby's baju melayu, pillow/sofa case, langsir, quilt et cetera.
company nih tengah buat promotion mesin jahit
  • DIY sewing project books. if ikut hubby, he would say just browse the internet and print out the tutorials. but i love collecting books. and i love the feeling when i get to touch the books hehe.

  • sewing corner. or even better a designated sewing room for myself. hehe. just like these pictures.
  • laptop. ok this has got nothing to do with the sewing. i need it in between my sewing time and relaxing time. hehe. wouldn't it be great if i could take a short break from sewing and go surfing the internet. hmm??
  • sewing crash courses. if dapat enrol dalam kursus from Epal pon ok kan. tapi ade ke masanye ek?

  • more time to bead/sew. hehe. i'm currently strucked with the 'L' syndrome. the LAZY syndrome. huhu.


  1. bole babe... ask akmal to buy it for u.. hehehehe


  2. babe!!! mmg pon nak cucuk die since bonus is just around the corner