Monday, November 23, 2009

a very sad view of bad parenting

we were having our usual dinner of mee jawa and sate at our usual eat-out place at Sijangkang when i saw a family of four sitting behind our table. the mom was holding a newborn baby. like 1month or 2months old baby the max. their first child, i suspect is about 2yrs old sat next to the daddy. oh a very cute family, i thot to myself. after a while, i smell cigarette being lit up behind me. so i turned around and saw the daddy was happily puffing his cigarette in front of his 2 little children.

and now from a cute family, i saw disaster. danger. how can a man puff a cigarette in front of the little baby? oh i so pity the baby. he might grow up as a smoker due to his dad's care-less mind. or even worst, he might develop some kind of disease associated with cigarette smoke.

people, please have some sense in you!!

my dad is a smoker. but i'm thankful he never lit his cigarette in front of us eversince i was a kid.
my hubby is a non-smoker. this i'm so thankful for that's the no.1 criteria that i search in a husband.

to all the smokers out's a message for you...

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