Sunday, November 1, 2009


we finally got ourselves new contact # after much delay & discussion & also hesitation. see, i've been using my old # since 2 years ago if i'm not mistaken. and my airtime will not expire until june 2010 sayang tau! hubby plak has been using his for the past 10 years. 10 years i kid u not ok!! and as much as i would like to stay with the old #, i guess getting a new one is so refreshing :) signed up with Maxis Family Plus Plan. and our # is just a single digit difference. how cool is that? *ok lame* we got free 1500 sms and 15hrs of video/voice call every month. arkk...don't u just think that it is too much for us yang always together 24/7 kan. makanya...sebelum tido harus la hubby di bilik tengah dan aku di master bedroom ber video call melampias segala rindu dendam sebelum bertemu semula di master bedroom *dasar gatal btol minah ni*

my old # has not been cancelled yet. would like to keep it forever. it just won't be as active as before coz i'm damn lazy to carry 2 phones in a single time.

ok i owed my readers
*ade readers ke?* my last day at Perth. nanti la when i finally got the time to upload the pics. rite now tengah mood ber beading :) adios peeps!


  1. my current no dah pakai i think about 3 yrs dan sgt sayang nak tukar, sbb nombor sebijik2 sama mcm hubby, juz mine 017 and his is 012. sgt convenient ppl nak ingat hehehe

  2. ala w/pon no kitorg cuma beza 1 digit saya tak penah hafal no hubby selama ni pon mcm byk benda lain lg yg perlu dihafal selain no tepon org sbb no tepon kan dah ade dlm hp. tp masalah kalo tibe2 hp kong pastu kene plak call hubby jam tu jgak...haru!!